Mobile gaming: Preview of “Nakama” (iOS, Android)

Usually I’m not much of a preview player, as some versions are still buggy and don’t necessarily reflect the final product’s quality. But with mobile games, this might be a bit different, and anyway, promoting some indie games is always a nice thing, especially when ninjas are involved. Maybe Crescent Moon Games can provide a fair bit of parallax 2D beat’em’up goodness on smartphones and revive the good old genre without the bloodshed or one-on-one formula.

(USA 2013 (ETA), developer/publisher: Crescent Moon Games, platforms: iOS, Android)


Nakama translates “friends”, and the goal of the game is to rescue them. It’s a simple concept, but it’s effective enough to feel right at home with the retro look: some beautiful pixel artwork, a wonderful soundtrack and a satisfying battle system deliver an experience for those craving for a action-heavy blast to the retro past or those who’d like to train their fingers with a deep combo system.

With 24 zones and 7 boss fights, there’s already a certain amount of content and variety, but with each nakama one finds, additional abilities are unlocked, adding a bit more strategy to the button-mashing. From the trailer and gameplay videos, it certainly looks a bit chaotic, so it remains to be seen if it controls as fluidly as these sort of games require. Still, with the art direction and atmospheric music, it’s a title worth checking out when it’s released on both iOS and Android in September.

For further impressions, check out these nice-looking screenshots, trailers and visit the official website for further infos and updates:













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