Retrospective: Gamescom Day 4

It’s been quite a while since I last posted something, due to the lack of time and other more pressing matters I had to attend to. So let’s just imagine the gap never happened and move on to the next day of the gamescom…

Day 4
Saturday, August 21 2010
Actually most of the day was already written about in the last blog entry, because most of the morning was spent getting off the Monkey’s Island ship because the location closed around midnight, then wandering more or less aimlessly around to find another location which closed at 3 am and then finding ourselves (the Adventure-Treff crew and readers) on the steps to the Dom in Cologne.

All in all the long evening/night/morning should have ended in a nice way. Unfortunately one of my collegues had the idea to get back to the hotel to pack all the stuff and check out early. This made perfect sense at first, because it was already something around 4 am, and checking out would be until 12 am.
It was getting colder as well, and we also found ourselves in the middle of some drunken-street-theater-performances, i.e. people trying acrobatics on a bike or the stairs… or just plain walking which they failed miserably at. But it was still fun to watch.
Anyway, so there were still some people left, mainly because one of our readers had to take her first train back something around 5:45 or so. And it showed people’s motivation and civility to hang around ’til then. Not very usual for people who most of the time only knew each other from the more or less anonymous forum.

But of course it was manageable to pack all the bags, check out and get back on time to say bye… and also taking our own trains home. Unfortunately it take a bit longer for my collegue to pack his stuff… so I grew impatient and decided on the spot to stay a bit longer in the hotel, get some sleep (not much) and ran back to the stairs to the Dom. Of course no one was there, so I into the train station, no one was there. Then I got up on the platform where the train was waiting, but no one was there. It seemed I missed them because I entered the other side of the station.
The AT crew (or what was left of it) was already on their way back to the hotel. So I ran back again… only to arrive there… with no one there. In my hotel room I called again on my cellphone only to get the info they were waiting for me on the street to the hotel. Of course I had taken the other street.
In the end I met them shortly in the hotel lobby just to say goodnight (or good morning) and hit the sack…
for maybe 3 hours or so.

Only two of the AT members wanted to go to the Gamescom on that day. I wanted to join them, but of course I had to first check out, take all my luggage by train home AND give back the surf stick just before the phone shop closed in my hometown. All a bit too much with only 3 hours of sleep.
But then again I kind of managed with lots of sweating…

and went straight back again with the train only to arrive around 4 or 5 pm at the Gamescom. Now as I had quite some interesting conversations with a member of another adventure gaming website (Adventure Gamers), Mark Jones, I just wanted to hang out there and get some quality time with games you didn’t have to wait on queues. Quite a stupid idea when you think about it. Especially on a Saturday when it’s the most crowded days of them all.

The great number of people already showed on my way to Cologne when I met some strange characters, that is people dressed up as some game characters, at a train station:

Although I wondered who looked and behaved stranger:
The girls (one of them from Silent Hill, I guess, the other I dunno) or some football fans:

What was without doubt crystal clear: It was going to be very, very crowded at the Gamescom. At least you couldn’t shake the feeling after stuffing yourself into this train:

Of course you could already imagine how the queues for blockbuster games like most of the Nintendo franchises and Blizzard stuff looked like. So what Mark and me did was to get our hands and vocal chords on the U-Sing Girl’s Night game… of course with the same and only song I knew from the day before: No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak”…

Unfortunately we couldn’t find the Wii hairstyle game “Busy Scissors”, but what we found was even weirder: A cosmetic make-over for girls… looked especially strange with so many girls waiting on queue. So this is what Nerf Herder meant with his album “How to Meet Girls”…

At least I got a package of the Mädchen (Girls) mag for free. Even though I still haven’t checked what’s inside.
What was more satisfying, especially as a fan of old school arcade games, was the retro section where we played “Bubble Bobble”, a game I remember fondly when I was with my mom on vacation somewhere hot (Canary Island or something like that), spending most of the money on coin-ups. Those were the good ol’ times, and it’s a good thing those games attract all kinds of demographics, like those girls:

Of course we also went to the same adventure games I checked out before (Black Mirror III, Gray Matter and Lost Horizon), but of course it was a bit pointless playing the German versions (especially with the bad environment sounds) as a non-native speaker.

So we tried out one of those Sony-Move-games, a new Lord of the Rings games, and I have to say it again: The controls are just as bad and not intuitive at all like in “Heavy Rain”. The future doesn’t look very promising with this new-old periphery system.

More satisfying were the games I or we gave another try: the Playmobil-“Top Agents” with no adventure elements whatsoever (just for the trash fun factor)

and the pretty good sequel to “Scribblenauts”, namely “Super Scribblenauts”:

After so much gaming and stress it was finally time to go… as the Gamescom closed around 7 pm, so we ended up (again) somewhere around the Dom area… only that the stairs were occupied by too many people who were probably kicked out of the Gamescom area just like us:

So we just sat in a corner with the back to the Dom and let the evening end our own way: With some McDonald’s McFlurry chocolate cookies ice cream, listening to some drunken bachelor party guys (of whom there seemed to be a lot walking the streets on that day) and a comedian on a piano…
and seeing the cathedral in a very weird angle:


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