Retrospective: Fantasy Filmfest 2010 Day 7

Day 7
Tuesday, August 31 2010

After a rather weak start of the week I thought this can only get better. Guess what it didn’t… sort of.

Corridor (original title: Isolerad) (Sweden 2009)
If you only get some pictures of people standing in front of doors, hiding behind doors or standing in a corridor, this doesn’t really look very promising. And it wasn’t good at all. Even if the runtime of only 80 minutes is not long, it felt very long, especially if neither of the characters is interesting (all of them more or less annoying) and then there’s no real suspense, except your anticipation that it would finally end. Was it just me or was the “bad” stalker guy played by the same actor who did a killer part in “Fargo” and the Russian guy in “Armageddon”? Frankly I don’t care, but if he was, he was damn sure going down the acting ladder… way down.
In short: Boring as hell.

Rating: 2/10

We Are What We Are (original title: Somos lo que hay) (Mexico 2010)
I knew this was going to be some kind of arthouse movie, and the critics weren’t very enthusiastic about it, but what does it count anyway? Well, in this case they were probably right. The best part was simply at the beginning when you see an old man walking through the streets, waiting for in front of a glass window with mannequins and running his fingers over it, his eyes open-wide and his mouth watering. And then he just drops dead, and some people get right down to business to drag him away and clean the place.
The it just became a family drama which worked on some levels and gave a realistic portrait of cannibalistic urges, that is to feed on the next victim (a potent scene comes to mind where the two brothers try to get their hands on some kid). Only problem then was that it tried to have some police work and a supernatural ritual incorporated in the story which made it more rididiculous. Too bad that some of the violent scenes were shown and others weren’t, so that one got the impression the director didn’t really know what he wanted to achieve.

Rating: 3/10

Gallants (original title: Da lui toi) (Hong Kong 2010)
It had been some time since I watched some Hong Kong fistfighting action movies (even IP Man 2), but as I had already seen “Red Hill” at the Berlinale which was shown at the same time, there was not much choice (except maybe for some dinner). And usually you get what you see in Hong Kong cinema. So what I got here were some nice fighting scenes, some more or less amusing comic scenes and a rather good and touching story, surprisingly. The mix of action, drama and comedy didn’t feel right at all times, but at most of them, and that was enough to be entertaining. Nothing more and nothing less.

Rating: 6/10

Symbol (Japan 2009)
After so many bad movies and one okay-one, was it even worth being at the Cinedom on Tuesday? Yes, it was! It’s really hard to describe what my feelings were regarding this movie when I first saw the trailer which didn’t tell you anything. All I knew was this is going to be special, very special. And it was. Only one Japanese guy (played by a comedian) in a ridiculous sleeping shirt outfit (the colors alone were worth the entrance fee) and then having him push children angels’ penises which trigger some things falling out of the walls? And if this isn’t weird enough, how about a parallel story with a Mexican wrestler? Too weird? Just watch it to believe it.
Most of the time I was reminded of how similar the Japanese guy’s actions were to the mechanics of adventure games: he tried and tried to combine all kinds of things, only here he didn’t really get a lot of clues, no walkthrough.
In short: A brilliant movie which played with the audience expectation and especially patience like no other movie I’ve seen; and it was great to find out that so many people laughed (especially the female part of the crowd).
So, yes, this is finally a full 10/10!

Rating: 10/10

Okay, second day… with one of the worst movies… except an okay-one and a full tenner… oh well, time to finally get it over with…


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