Retrospective: Fantasy Filmfest 2010 Day 8

Day 8
Wednesday, September 1 2010

Last Day. No more going from one theatre hall to the next:

No more spending the night in this booth:

No more waiting for this train (2:53) in the morning:

being the one without the travel bags to the airport:

and then going home in the same position again and again:

And no more eating this stuff:

And here are the movies of the final day of the Fantasy Film Fest 2010 in Cologne:

The Ape (original title: Apan) (Sweden 2009)
Oh my God, whatever happened to Swedish cinema at the Fantasy Filmfest? This movie surpassed even “Corridor” in terms of boredom and, well, boredom. I only wanted to watch it because the title was the same as one of my favorite bad movies ever: A*P*E (or The Ape or a lot of other titles) from 1976:
A rather silly decision, but who knew? It looked promising… but it wasn’t good of course. Only 81 minutes long and it felt like 3 hours of nothing happening. Okay, it was a drama about a guy who killed… but I don’t want to spoil it… as there’s only the anticipation of what’s happening that makes you want to watch it. And then of course nothing really happens. Another waste of time, another try of a director trying to do arthouse and falling into the category of “shithouse”.

Rating: 2/10

Rating: 7/10

Outrage (original title: Autoreiji) (Japan 2010)
Another genre I usually avoid (Yakuza crime drama), but there wasn’t any other choice. I already watched “The Killer Inside Me” which was running simultaneously, and I didn’t want to watch THAT again.
And anyway, Takeshi Kitano never really disappointed me, even though his Yakuza movies like Sonatine or others weren’t his greatest.
This one was definitely one of his worst. It didn’t have any redeeming qualities except going from one torture or bloody scene to the next… which was getting even more annoying with some idiots from the crowd who were laughing all the time. There were certainly some funny elements… but I couldn’t find them. There was no real suspense, no interesting characters, the story was uninspired… so now I knew why the Yakuza was actually mad about Takeshi’s work: It simply sucked!

Rating: 3/10

Rubber (France 2010)
Yes, it’s a rolling tire killing people and falling in love with a woman. That’s basically the story, which is not much. But then again you have a brilliant opening with a guy telling you there are so many things in cinema happening for “no reason”. And then you have a real audience watching the movie IN the movie to give it a meta level.
That’s about all there is to the story. So is it any good? It is if you like to see something new, even if it’s happening for “no reason”. So I laughed for no reason, I enjoyed myself for no reason, so I guess the movie was good for no reason. Sometimes you don’t have to explain why you like it… for no reason.
Why did the Fantasy Filmfest chose this one as the closing night screening? For no reason? Not really, and I’m glad of it. For no reason apparently.

Rating: 8/10 (for no reason)


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