Overview of indie bundles: Indie Royale Replay Vol. 1, Free Indie Bundle and Free Bundle

With so many indie bundles making their rounds, it’s not easy to keep up and often impossible to review each individual one, so here’s just some info and a reminder that three interesting ones are available at the moment.

Indie Royale Replay Vol. 1
For those who’ve missed some titles the site has released so far, this is an interesting choice, for others who’ve bought every single bundle…not so. Still some nice games in here: the action-heavy strategy Nuclear Dawn, the tower-defense Defense Grid: The Awakening, the classic (and great) point-and-click adventure Gemini Rue and dungeon-speeder-action-RPG Soulcaster plus its sequel Soulcaster II.

If this isn’t enough, there’s also some bonus content: OSTs of both Soulcaster games (inclúding a remix of the second one) plus DLCs for Borderlands, You Monster and map packs for Resurgence.

By buying it for 8 dollars or more, you’ll also receive the 8 Bit Weapon Collection album which features catchy chiptune music.

It’s yours for the taking, grabbing and enjoying if you head over to the Indie Royale Website.

The Free Indie Bundle
Yep, that’s right, the games are DRM-free and free to download, no costs whatsover as the developers gave them away for free. Not even in the sense of today’s practice of free-to-play-but-buy-additional-content-later, but really just for giving it to the gaming community for enjoyment.

The games look quite interesting as well: futuristic racer Nitronic Rush, fast-paced stealth game Stealth Bastard (How cool is that? Doesn’t work? Find out for yourself!), 2D-platformer A Flipping Good Time (the title alone making this worth a try), survival-jumper-not-shooter Viriax and finally the…well, generic-but-visually-good-looking Ski Challenge 2012.

Even if the graphics won’t win any rewards and gameplay might not be the most innovative, compared to other indie titles, it’s a collection of games worth checking out, and again, they’re absolutely free. So go over to the Free Indie Bundle Website and simply try them out for yourself.

As there’s no trailer for the whole bundle, here are just some videos for each title:

Nitronic Rush

Stealth Bastard

A Flipping Good Time


Ski Challenge 2012

The Free Bundle
Yes, only one word shorter than the other collection, but it makes quite a difference. These are certainly some great games, and being free doesn’t mean a decline in quality, as the titles show a high degree of immersion and originality: the already-mentioned Nitronic Rush, 2D survival horror Ascension, action-puzzle-platformer Celestial Mechanica (check out the hauntingly beautiful song in the trailer), 3D-first-person Slender-inspired horror Imscared and goofy NES-parody-genre-mix Abobo’s Big Adventure (just watch the epic trailer).

There are lots of free games around, and with most people spending their time (and money) on web browser games which all sort of look identical, this is a refreshing little package of free goodness. So get the gems on the Free Bundle Website.

Again here are just the trailers for the individual games:


Celestial Mechanica


Abobo’s Big Adventure

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