Indie Royale Debut 2.0 Bundle

It hasn’t been long since Indie Royale’s Debut Bundle hit the online streets, but they’re back again with Debut Bundle 2.0. This time with an emphasis on giving some games the chance to be published on Valve’s Steam (except for one), it’s a nice touch too to make the indie community or wider audience aware of their existence.

Included are anime-hack-and-slash arcade game Croixleur, comic first-person-boxing-simulation Beast Boxing Turbo, 2D-action-RPGs Battlepaths and Diehard Dungeon, space sim Dawnstar and puzzle-action-platformer Out There Somewhere.


As there was even less time than usual to give the games the playtime they deserve, the review-like writing I usually apply to each individual title, will be substituted by some simple sentences which hopefully (together with the trailers) give a good idea what to expect. If there’s no text for some titles (unfortunately half of them), that’s because I really didn’t even have the time to play any of them. Next time there will be more, I promise…

(Japan 2013, developer: souvenir circ., publisher: Nyu Media, platform: PC)


Cute anime visuals with some rather tedious text wastes to get through make way to an arena-based arcade game in which floors of enemies have to be cleared in a limited time frame. Even if graphics and music are pleasant to the ear, a bit more variety would have been nice, especially since dying means restarting from the beginning.

Official Website

Beast Boxing Turbo
(USA 2012, developer/publisher: Goodhustle Studios, Inc., platform: PC)


Reminiscent of Nintendo’s Punch-Out series, the characters are comic, the dialogues often hilarious and the fighting system demanding, i.e. learning the individual strikes with the right timing is key to survival. Overall a nice looking and playing little fighting gem.

Official Website

(USA 2013, developer/publisher: Wraith Entertainment, platform: PC)


Official Website

(Germany 2012, developer/publisher: Key17Games, platforms: PC, Xbox 360)


Official Website

Out There Somewhere
(Brazil 2012, developer/publisher: MiniBoss, platform: PC)


Turning a simple bullethell shooter into a puzzle-centric platformer is quite ingenious, and when it comes with some very nice music and lovingly crafted background visuals, there’s certainly no fault in trying out this charming little game, especially since the hero can use a teleport gun, something which sets it apart from so many other genre staples.

Official Website

Diehard Dungeon
(UK 2013, developer/publisher: Tricktale, platforms: PC, Xbox 360)


Official Website

Spin Wars
(Germany 2013, developer/publisher: Brightside Games, platforms: PC, iOS, Android)


Official Website

Come to the green light
Additionally to the 7 games on offer are included soundtracks of Beast Boxing Turbo, Battlepaths and Out There Somewhere plus the alternative to Söpinwars, titled Button Wars. Paying more than 8 Dollars unlocks gameboy-created chiptune music album The Reality Chipmusic Love Industry by BRIGHT PRIMATE.

As always, it’s easy to see the benefits of Indie Royale’s output: Cheap in price and a satisfying amount of playtime with different genres which can’t be found anywhere else. So show some indie love, maybe greenlight certain titles when you’re at it and head over to their website before the offer expires.

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