Humble Weekly Sale: Alan Wake and American Nightmare (PC)

With so many Indie Royale bundles to cover and loads of other review copies to play and write about, it’s easy to forget that there are of course quite a few other interesting indie games bundles around which are worth to be mentioned here.


Usually one gets a lot of mostly unknown indie titles which obviously is no bad thing, as there can be some nice gaming gems in those compilations. The guys (and gals) from the acclaimed Humble Bundle (whose newest outlet will be covered in another post soon) decided to have a Weekly Sale which usually includes games of a specific developer. Last time it was Double Fine, now it’s Remedy Entertainment.

Yes, the ones who also did the amazing Max Payne games. Even if their next title didn’t meet all the expectations evoked by its hype, Alan Wake is still a very good story-driven action-adventure which sets itself apart from so many other survival horror shooter games by having a meta-narrative, i.e. the main protagonist bringing his writing to life and commenting on his own story.

I already covered its latest instalment American Nightmare which also suffered a bit from repetitiveness, but nevertheless, this is a series which holds a special place in my heart and is well-deserving to be played.

What’s even better is that now with the Humble Weekly Sale concept, it’s possible to not only play Alan Wake, its DLC The Signal and The Writer plus the aforementioned American Nightmare, but also delve deeper into the series with an amazing amount of additional content:

Alan Wake Soundtrack
American Nightmare Soundtrack
Early Alan Wake Demo Videos
Harry Garrett Show (in-game video of Alan Wake being interviewed)
”Making of” Videos
Alan Wake “Writer in the Cabin” clips
”Night Springs” Episodes (fictional TV show)
”Balance Slays the Demon” Music Video
Alan Wake “The Movie” (full playthrough of the game)
The Library of concept art and production photos
Alan Wake Wallpapers
Night Springs Comic Book
Psycho Thriller Comic Book
Alan Wake Visual Identity Guidelines
Alan Wake Cardboard Cutouts
Alan Wake Score Sheet Music
Alan Wake Screenplays
The Alan Wake Files Book

Now if this isn’t fan service, I don’t know what is. The best thing though is that it’s really Pay What You Want, so that one could actually get all this for less than 1 Dollar! Now if there ever was a bargain, this is it, especially since it’s all DRM-free, and by buying this bundle, one supports the Electric Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play Charity.
But be quick, as the offer expires in less than two days!

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