Survival horror action game “The Suffering” available for free on PC

Old news or not-up-to-date news might not necessarily be the best thing to be used as a daily blog/website entry, but then again when it’s about a great game to be released as freeware which should receive as much attention as the newest snippet of information about blockbuster games or new consoles, why not give it a try?

References of free downloading
Thanks to a post from Indie Game Bundles on Facebook I was made aware of The Suffering having become a free and legal download. Of course one always has to be careful about these download links, but as I searched the web, I found more and more links and the interesting info on Compact Action Games that it is “an ad supported game sponsored by the US Air Force”. This is pretty weird, although I do remember the game had quite an impressive range of weapons to use.

Terror and fun create a strong bond
Other than this parallel, it’s simply an excellent, a very violent, bloody and above all scary survival horror title which I played both on the PC and PS2. The PC version is definitely to be preferred, as it doesn’t suffer from too many (or no) performance issues if one has the right machine to play it (which shouldn’t be a problem, because it’s from 2004). Creature design is by Stan Winston who also did the Aliens and other creature features special effects. There’s some genuinely creepy story in there and some disturbing images not for the faint of heart. The sequel Ties That Bind was great as well, although the difficulty level is quite high.

Germans always get the censorship treatment with some unintentionally funny outcome
I also remember that besides its twisted humor, the German version was ridiculously cut, even with an 18+ rating. They simply made the screen black or put black lines there in order to prevent people from seeing the violence. Well, there were and there are still a couple of weird censorship decisions, but this one definitely showed that it was high time to import and resist to buy the localized version. After all, it’s a scary and violent game published by the Mortal Kombat company for a mature audience who likes their horror games a tad dirtier and over-the-top, and that’s exactly what you get with The Suffering, something Clive Barker could have come up with and which would have put lots of other horror movies in the cinema to shame in terms of bloody scary goodness.

So even if this news is out of date, don’t hesitate to grab the game from one of these websites:

Big Download
File Shack
File Front

The Suffering
(USA 2004, developer: Surreal Software (defunct), publisher: Midway Games (defunct), platforms: PC, Xbox, PS2)



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