Indie Royale Spiral Groove Bundle

Indie Royale is back again, this time with a collection firmly rooted in the action genre and including a mixture of games which are maybe better known to the general FPS gaming public and some which aren’t.

UK developer Rebellion shows up twice with uber-violently realistic shooter Sniper Elite V2 (so much so that Germany again got the censorship treatment, not only because it plays during WWII) and graphically-outdated but still fun-looking FPS comic adaptation Judge Dredd: Judge Dredd Vs Death. More recently released and at first glance cute-looking but then going the gory Super Meat Boy direction is multiplayer platformer Bloody Trapland, while stunningly beautiful and explosive arcade-shooter Gatling Gears offers more streamlined action. Recently unlocked and a bit of a fallout, but no less fun is the relaxing puzzle game Lucid.


The latest Indie Royale offering surely provides some better-known games which of themselves would cost much more than the average price of less than 5 dollars, and even if I didn’t have the time to play them in detail, they look great. Even if the bonus content is restricted to the soundtrack of Lucid and the cheerful chiptune album Lost Beats Found Friends by Dj CUTMAN is only available when paying more than 8 dollars, this is still a package which is full of unadulterated fun for those who like their games with a lot of bullets and don’t shy away from a bit of blood.

Less than 5 days to go… so don’t wait too long and pay what you want…or check out these trailers and info before.

Sniper Elite V2
(UK 2012, developer: Rebellion, publisher: 505 Games, platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U)


Official Website

Gatling Gears
(Netherlands 2011, developer: Vanguard Entertainment, publisher: Electronic Arts, platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3)


Official Website

Bloody Trapland
(Sweden 2011, developer: 2Play Studios, platform: PC)


Official Website

Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs Death
(UK 2003, developer: Rebellion, publisher: Evolved Games, platforms: PC, Xbox, PS2, Gamecube)


Official Website

(Finland 2010, developer/publisher: YeaBoing, platform: PC)


Official Website

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