Groupees: Doujin Bundle

After a rather dark descent into madness and demonic fears with the VODO H.P. Lovecraft Bundle and the temperatures starting to rise after the Indie Royale Starry Nights Bundle, it’s time for a change in tone and color with Groupees’ Doujin Bundle.


Strategizing, adventuring, beating, shooting Japanese style
The emphasis of the collection of games lies on Japanese quirkiness and niche genres, as anime comic highschool adventure with RPG elements Cherry Tree Comedy and the visual novels Yousei, Jisei, Kansei, Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos and Cafe 0 – The Drowned Mermaid illustrate. More accessible gameplay styles for westerners, but with a Japanese anime touch, are found in the arena-based hack-and-slasher Croixleur, turn-based strategy game War of the Human Tanks, one-on-one beat-em-up Yatagarasu and scrolling space shooters Ether Vapor Remaster and Pester.

More to unlock
As with all of Groupees’ Let’s Build bundles, the price is determined by the number of games one wants to buy. Starting with an entry point of 1,50 dollars and choosing 2 titles can be further developed by spending more money and getting all the other games as well. With more and more people buying, more and more extras are unlocked. At the time of writing, there were already over 12.500 bundles sold, quite an impressive number considering how niche most of these titles are. The next unlock is not far off and with around 4 days to go, even more could be added.

Another strong multi-faceted package in anime colors
Despite its cute visuals and some very niche gameplay, the Doujin Bundle is another great offering from the Groupees team, because it simply offers a wide variety of different genres plus some interesting unlocks. So support the website and developers plus do something for charity and get the bundle before it expires.

For more info on the game Croixleur, check out the Indie Royale Debut 2.0 Bundle article while War of the Human Tanks was also featured in these pages.

Cherry Tree High Comedy Club
(Japan 2012, developer: 773, publisher: Nyu Media, platform: PC)


Official Website

Ether Vapor Remaster
(Japan 2012, developer: Edelweiss, publisher: Nyu Media, platform: PC)


Official Website

War of the Human Tanks
(Japan 2012, developer: Yakiniku Oh! Yeah!, publisher: Fruitbat Factory, platform: PC)


Official Website

(Japan 2013, developer/publisher: sakevisual, platform: PC)


Official Website

(Japan 2010, developer/publisher: sakevisual, platform: PC)


Official Website

(Japan 2011, developer/publisher: sakevisual, platform: PC)



Cafe 0: The Drowned Mermaid
(Japan 2011, developer/publisher: roseVeRte, platforms: PC, iOS, Android)


Official Website

Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos
(Canada/USA/UK 2013, developer/publisher: Dischan, platforms: PC, iOS, Android)


Official Website

(Japan 2011, developer: Circle Edge, publisher: Nicalis, platforms: PC, Nintendo 3DS)


UK Store Website

(Japan 2013, developer: souvenir circ., publisher: Nyu Media, platform: PC)


Official Website

(UK 2013, developer/publisher: Flump Studios, platforms: PC, Xbox 360)


Official Website

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