Indie Royale Prairie Dog Bundle

Gamescom is over and there’s a lot to write and edit, but of course indie bundles are still going strong. As usual, Indie Royale shows a lot of indie love with its current Prairie Dog Bundle.

Fans of the classic 360-degrees-FPS-space-shooter Descent will be pleased to play Retrovirus, tactical shooters aficionados with an affinity to political satire will surely enjoy Signal Ops, while Zack Zero offers some fun 2.5D platforming action, the adventure/RPG-hybrid Vox (already discussed in the Adventure Role Playing Groupee article) provides some freeforming, the tower-defense title Sol Survivor and the puzzler Chains casual fun.


This time, there are also quite a few extras to be unlocked after purchasing the bundle: the soundtracks of Zack Zero, Vox and Sol Survivor plus concept art of Signal Ops. Paying more than 8 dollars also gives access to some pumping electro chiptunes with Dubmood‘s Lost Floppies Vol. 2 (DATA027).

Don’t wait too long, but get this bundle before the offer expires in less than two days. If you’re still not sure to give the indie bundle a try, why not dropping me a message or comment on the article and getting one of the GIVEAWAYS the people from Indie Royale were so kind to provide?

(USA 2012, developer/publisher: Cadenza Interactive, platform: PC)


Official Website

Signal Ops
(Canada 2013, developer/publisher: Space Bullet Dynamics Corporation, platform: PC)


Official Website

Zack Zero
(Spain 2012, developer/publisher: Crocodile Entertainment, platforms: PC, PS3)


Official Website

(Canada 2012, developer/publisher: AlwaysGeeky, platform: PC)


Official Website

Sol Survivor
(Spain 2009, developer/publisher: Cadenza Interactive, platform: PC)


Official Website

(USA 2008, developer/publisher: 2DEngine, platforms: PC, iOS)


Official Website

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