Indie Royale Libredia Bundle

Before continuing the line of reviews, let’s see what the weekly Indie Royale compilation Libredia Bundle has to offer.


For simulation strategy fans, there are Skyscraper Simulator, Bridge It +, and Agricultural Simulator 2011, for car racing lovers Ride ’em Low, RACE On (incl. RACE 07), and GT Legends. And if you fancy a bit of sport simulation, IHF Handball Challenge 12 is for you, while The Secret Of Hildegards for those who like to pass the time with casual adventures.

No extras are included, only an additional game will be unlocked whose title wasn’t revealed at the time of writing. Of course, you can also get the music album Get Hyper by Monodeer for 5 Euros, which is full of techno-heavy Gameboy beats, although for my taste it’s a bit too monotonous.

As you can see, I kept it quite short with this compilation, and there’s a reason behind it. It shouldn’t appear that I constantly promote Indie Royale just for the sake of it, but also to bring some unknown indie games to the forefront of each feature, while also commenting on the overall quality. Unfortunately, the latest bundle is one of the weakest. While the idea of having multiple games from one publisher included is sound and fair (and worked pretty good in former bundles), this one simply showcases a lack of quality and not much of imagination.

Still, if you’d like to try out one of those simulators or are a fan of the racing genre (despite Ride ’em Low having already appeared in another Indie Royale Bundle), you can get it before the offer expires in less than two days.

Ride ’em Low
(Poland 2012, developer: Red Dot Games, publisher: Libredia, platform: PC)


Official Website

Skyscraper Simulator
(Germany 2012, developer: UIG Entertainment GmbH, publisher: Libredia, platform: PC)


Official Website

Bridge It +
(USA 2012, developer: Chronic Logic LLC, publisher: Libredia, platform: PC)


Official Website

The Secret Of Hildegards
(Netherlands 2014, developer: Komar Games, publisher: Libredia, platforms: PC, iOS, Android)


Official Website

RACE On (incl. RACE 07)
(Germany 2013, developer/publisher: Libredia, platform: PC)


Official Website

IHF Handball Challenge 12
(Germany 2013, developer: Neutron Games, publisher: Libredia, platform: PC)


Official Website

GT Legends
(Sweden 2005, developer: SimBin Studios, publisher: Libredia, platform: PC)


Official Website

Agricultural Simulator 2011
(Germany 2011, developer: UIG Entertainment GmbH, publisher: Libredia, platform: PC)


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