Indie Royale Mixer 3 Bundle

Indie Royale‘s former bundle was kind of a disappointment, so will the Mixer 3 Bundle find new strength in old and new games alike?


Included this time are fantasy-strategy RPG Frozen Hearth, futuristic third-person in-the-air-and-on-the-ground shooter with a Transformers touch Gun Metal, sci-fi exploration strategy Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space, puzzle-platformer Gateways, Monkey Ball for robot fans Orborun, point-and-clicker Hamlet, violent first-person fantasy slash-em-up Dark Shadows – Army of Evil, platform-shooter Rasternauts, and physics-based platformer in a dark maze with a ball Dark Adventure.

There’s quite a fair bit of bonus content as well, with the soundtrack of Frozen Hearth (incl. artbook), the VooDoo Interface OST for Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space, and a compilation of games in the idea box of Hamlet. If this wasn’t enough, for 5 Euros you can also get the Syntension Gamma album which is a surprisingly fun mix of trance, futurepop, and industrial music.

Even if Hamlet has already appeared in another Indie Royale Bundle (and in countless other compilations), the games on offer are pretty cool this time around. I especially liked the colorful Warcraft III-esque Frozen Hearth, while Gateways and Rasternauts are simply adorable 8bit love letters. Dark Adventure is also great, and the rest of them isn’t so bad either. What are you waiting for, then? Get the bundle before the offer expires tomorrow.

Frozen Heart
(Germany 2012, developer: Epiphany Games, publisher: Immanitas Entertainment GmbH, platform: PC)


Official Website

Gun Metal
(UK 2002/USA 2014, developer: Rage Software/Yeti Studios, publisher: Kiss Ltd., platform: PC)


Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space
(USA 2012, developer/publisher: Digital Eel, platforms: PC, iOS, Android)


Official Website

(UK 2012, developer/publisher: Smudged Cat Games, platforms: PC, Xbox 360)


Official Website

(Lithuania 2014, developer/publisher: Tiny Lab Productions, platforms: PC, iOS, Android)


Official Website

(Russia 2010, developer: mif2000, publisher: Alawar EntertainmentAlawar Entertainment, platforms: PC, iOS, Android)


Official Website

Dark Shadows – Army of Evil
(Austria 2012, developer/publisher: Burian Media Enterprises, platform: PC)


Official Website

(UK 2014, developer/publisher: Mostly Fictional, platforms: PC, Xbox 360)


Official Website

Dark Adventure
(Netherlands 2014, developer/publisher: Radiation Brain Studio, platform: PC)


Official Website

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