Gamescom 2013: The public areas (Part 4)

Tired of seeing too many merchandise pics and not having enough money to buy them, anyway? Or simply not caring? Then the following round-up of the Gamescom public areas presentation might be a refreshing change with people dressing up as videogame, movie characters, The Witcher 3, Contrast, the Online world and other impressions.


GOG and CD Projekt RED rock
It wasn’t all about JRPGs, though, with The Witcher 3 also being present on the Gamescom, even though it was and still is far from completion. It was quite an impressive booth with an even more impressive larger-than-life troll guarding the area. Or was it the juggler who protected it?


Either way, the response of visitors seemed to speak for itself, considering that all the T-shirts were given away, despite the security guards.


But even if playing this game wasn’t possible and T-shirts were out, the CD Projekt RED team (and GOG) received some kind of feedback.


Although some people were still a bit disappointed in the no-show no-wear department.


What also looked a bit silly was the USK 12+ classification which apparently was only for the trailer, but still, considering how violent the stuff was I saw at a press screening, this was more than a bit misleading.


More PR with Murdered: Soul Suspect and playing Contrast
Another no-play but look-outside experience was Murdered: Soul Suspect that already drew attention with its PR stunt of having people photographed and looking quite dead and silly in-game.


There was still a bit of playing to do, this time with the PC version of Contrast that had not only a great art style, but also an interesting gameplay mechanic by offering a chance to play on two different planes of perception (shadows and light). More about this cool concept coming soon in the press screening coverage.



Big crowds in and out of the Online World
It was getting late and crowded, often resulting in a standstill, something which the Gamescom organization really should find a way around, taking into consideration what would happen in an emergency case when the connecting area and exits were blocked like that.


A short walk into the Online World felt like entering another world full of noise and strange lights, as in a sci-fi flick, although there wasn’t much of interesting or excitingly new ideas except crowds cheering for the next freebie, sometimes even Notebooks or other heavy material… hopefully not thrown into the mass of people, but who knows?




Sometimes it also looked as if the clichéd image of a violent gamer was reflected in the promoted gaming peripherals.


Pop culture characters brought to life by real people
It didn’t help much that some martial law enforcers arrived, although they might have cleared the way in the more crowded areas.


But maybe they were looking for someone else, or something else…


… who again was looking for trouble…


… which he found and who hit him in the unmentionables.


During a games convention, there are obviously also people who don’t dress up for PR purposes like this guy here.


Some ordinary folks chose to do a bit of cosplaying themselves.




To be continued…

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