Gamescom 2013: The public areas (Part 5)

After almost 100 pictures, there are still some more impressions to show from last year’s Gamescom, although this big round-up will be concluded now with the main and big topics game design and retro. So see you next year… oh wait, THIS year… Gamescom public areas.


New ideas of games to study
Where do new games actually come from? Who develops them? These questions can partly be answered when looking at university programs, e.g. what the RWTH Aachen University of Technology offered.


However, to be honest, the new tech looked a bit silly.


Yes, that headgear seemed slightly familiar. VR (Virtual Reality) which failed in the 90s is back again, but maybe this time with new processing power and more advanced games, it might just pique the interest of the public, as the long waiting rows showed with Oculus Rift.


Studying game design was all the rage and some multiplayer games were actually pretty fun, even if they provided rudimentary gameplay.



They even tried interesting game mechanics, while ripping off from more than just familiar visuals.


Others simply used a blatant approach.


What was also quite obvious was the way arcade games were implemented and showed the player his or her inefficiency in ways as old as gaming itself.



All things retro
Last but not least, the yearly walk through the retro gaming section concluded the public areas’ walkthrough.


The selection of games and many people sitting in front of various consoles and computers displayed a love for the old which was a happy sight to behold indeed.


I actually took a shot myself at an Asteroid clone (or was it the original?) which brought sweaty hands, cursing and frustration together like no other title during that day. But it was also a lot of fun worth the pain.


If one was tired of holding a controller or staring at a screen, using dice and one’s wit in an old-school board game did the trick as well, although it came for a price with a Pacman game costing more than a couple of hundred Euros.



And if one simply wanted to look at the past of gaming history, then the many many glass cases gave a very impressive glimpse at what a collector’s dream was all about.




Retro love could also be expressed by buying some of the merchandise.



The mag in the background of that case with the letters Retro was also published by the same guy who was responsible for the whole glass case display scenery, so kudos to Enno Coners, although he was too busy at the time to get an interview out of.


But if you get the chance, check out his publishing/collector’s items website CSW-Verlag where other interesting stuff can be ordered (although the magazines are in German; though considering the extremely bad spelling of the elektrospieler, sometimes one wonders…).

Now if you don’t have the money or time to spent with the Pacman board game, looking at this role(playing) board game might be more like it.


And if you don’t like the little guy who was made out of a sliced-pizza idea, then maybe Wreck-It Ralph bridges the gap between the new and the old, a perfect fit to conclude the 2013 Gamescom cover story. At least for the public areas.


Goodbye Gamescom 2013 (public areas)
Packing our bags, it was time to make our way back home.


And home is where your gaming heart is, or where the bed is covered with merch, promo articles and other gaming-related memorabilia to show that despite the waiting queues, pushing through crowds, it’s the fun and love for our favorite pastime that counts, and that it’s even more important to share it.



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