Bad movies too good not to watch: “Zombeavers”

Animal horror can be a lot of things, and if the producers of American Pie, Cabin Fever and The Ring are in it, how crazy can Zombeavers actually be?

(USA 2014, director: Jordan Rubin)


After an accident spill of chemical waste into water, beavers get more than a little bit aggressive and let a group of weekend-debauchery loving teenagers feel their little and bloody wrath.


Let’s get this out straight away: watching animal horror means you want as much screen time with the critters as possible. With a title like Zombeavers, expectations are high to see as many as animal-y possible, and if it means putting up with some annoying characters, then that’s fine. But there’s only so much time one wants to wait, and unfortunately the movie commits the capital sin of not only having teens who are just as dumb as a log and as shallow as the lake they’re swimming in. It’s again the typical 30-45 minutes of trying to make the audience feel sympathy for them with some less than perfect dialogue lines, as is to be expected from the track record of the producers. But in contrast to a teen comedy like American Pie, there is actually not one single memorable character, which is a problem when building survivor girls or boys.


Of course there’s not much story behind the origin of the zombified beavers, but that’s fine, as it’s all rather tongue-in-cheek and never takes itself too seriously (except for some out-of-place character conversations which try to be more touchy-feely than necessary). Another great thing about the creatures is that they’re handmade, so no CGI here. Same with gore effects of which there aren’t a lot, but these which are present have some shockingly gruesome elements near the end. The hand puppets-like movements of the zombeavers are obvious but also make them a lot of fun to watch, while the more disgusting make-up in the latter part of the movie is just as crazy as one expects it to be.


So the zombeavers are the real stars of the show, and when they finally come into action, some pretty ingenious ideas crop up. Not to spoil all the fun, but just mentioning one instance in which they fell a tree in order to cut off the escape route for the survivors shows that the makers of this horror comedy know what to do with their material. But there’s only so much (zom)beaver action to keep an 80 minutes movie running. So all in all, if you’ve seen all kinds of weird animal horror, comedy or not, you probably know where this is going from the start, and you know that these movies have their fun and boring parts: the animal and human side.

Score: 7/10


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