Bad movies too good not to watch: “WolfCop”

Werewolf movies can be lots of things, but they usually boil down to the beast within coming out without the person wanting this, and havoc ensues. Lowell Dean’s WolfCop does things a bit differently.

(Canada 2014, director: Lowell Dean)


Police officer Lou Garou has a pretty bad hairday with booze running out and the small town he works in getting run over by a mysterious series of deaths associated with a cult following.


There’s no doubt about this being intentionally trash and a fun horror comedy. It has all the right ingredients, in addition to its effective title: more or less one-dimensional characters with an anti-hero who doesn’t really want to solve crimes but stay in bed and get drunk again, a female bartender whose assets are more prominent than her acting, and actually a lot of tongue-in-cheek overacting plus bad jokes. But this wouldn’t be a horror flick without some gruesome special effects and a satisfying bodycount. It doesn’t disappoint in this department, either, with limbs torn off, faces split in half together with the rest of the body, headshots with blood and guts spilled everywhere.


Only it takes quite a while for the movie to really deliver on its craziness. There’s actually a bit of boredom the first half hour or so. The plot itself isn’t anything to get particularly excited about. The lack of suspense is partly made up by some comical situations with the not-so-bright police force. But it could have done with a more illustrious cast. Louis himself isn’t the brightest bulb either and at times pretty obnoxious. Maybe that’s why his transformation and dealing with it doesn’t make the audience really sympathize with him.


Still, despite these problems, when it comes to the beast getting out, there are some great hand-made morphing sequences with particularly disgusting parts. The same holds true for the action scenes which are just as gory and over-the-top. The soundtrack is also pretty awesome, especially with the use of 80ies-synth-and-rock music. And the movie has the weirdest and funniest love scene I’ve seen for quite a while.


It’s also worth mentioning that there’s a great making-of on the BD that follows the original concept and an interesting Kickstarter-like festival. This story is actually more fun and engaging than the whole plot of the movie itself, as it showcases a lot of enthusiasm by the people involved without coming across as being superficially nice to each other, something that so many making-ofs do wrong, i.e. selling the movie as the biggest event ever with the greatest actors and director congratulating themselves. The deleted scenes are also quite funny, and one wonders why a specific scene with a torn-off male part didn’t make it, plus some fun improvisations by the actors.

Score: 7/10


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