Bad movies too good not to watch: “Demonic Toys”

What do a foul-mouthed baby doll, a psychopathic Jack in the Box and a gruesome teddy bear have in common with a demon inside a boy’s body? Find out in Peter Manoogian’s campy horror Demonic Toys.

Demonic Toys
(USA 1992, director: Peter Manoogian)


A police woman, her captured criminal, and a chicken fastfood delivery boy have to fight against the demonic forces in a toy factory at night.


If the plot summary sounds crazy and trashy, then you have to see what the twisted mind of Charles Band (the man behind the story of Dollman and this here) has come up with, mainly in the incarnations of baby doll Oopsie Daisy who constantly curses while killing, a scary Jack in the Box clown going at its victims’ throats and a not-so-cuddly teddy bear among other dangerous toys. Children on tricycles with gas masks seem normal compared to this, but not any less surreal.


As can be suspected from such a trash movie, there isn’t much of a plot, although there are a few twists and turns, some more surprising than others, mainly due to unexpected and typically illogical appearances and disappearances of people. Acting is negligible, although most of the actors do a pretty good job, as far as campy horror goes, except for the child actor who needs some getting used to. Still, some characters are actually quite likeable, especially the rude delivery boy who says the funniest one-liners.


Despite its low budget and some dodgy special effects with bad make-up, there’s a surprising amount of blood and gore in here, mainly because of Oopsie Daisy’s killing methods. The sequences aren’t the most original, but they’re done well enough to entertain. All in all, this is a fun, bloody romp through 90ies carefree horror comedy with only few problems. It doesn’t set the genre on fire or stay in the mind for too long, but while it lasts, it’s a blast.


The picture and sound quality of 88 Films’ BD release is quite good, considering the source material. Only the lack of special features is a bit disappointing, with only the original trailer in HD, some more Full Moon promos and a making-of plus the typical reversible cover art and booklet notes.

Score: 8/10

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