The craze of the “Power/Rangers” fan film

Maybe not new news, but for those who haven’t seen it yet, Joseph Kahn’s Power/Rangers is the best thing that could happen to the long dormant TV series.


There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this movie, as it was shortly removed from video site Vimeo because of copyright issues with (surprise) the original company Saban. It’s available again and can be watched on YouTube as well, featured in producer Adi Shankar’s channel (who was also the producer of the uber-violent and also uber-awesome Dredd).


Before posting the link, just a few words of caution. It’s violent, very violent, but it’s also good, very good. So good in fact that only in parts does it become apparent that it’s not a big budget production. For those who’ve known the series about some US teenagers who can transform into robots (and then forming a giant robot) to fight evil aggressors from another planet, this might come as a shock. It’s a brave attempt to show what happens in an alternative time frame when the Power Rangers have lost the battle. A dark tale with enough twists to keep its 14 minutes runtime interesting, even for those who’re not familiar with the source material.


There have been quite a few fan-made projects, but to be honest, they always lacked a bit of direction and vision, coming across as, well, just fan fiction. Nothing wrong with that, or those people writing them, as they obviously demand some commitment. But even the official Halo animated movies or anything else just came across as cheap fan service. Power/Rangers provides more and is actually an improvement of the often childish fighting of old. Granted, it was for children back then, but this short film is probably the best thing that could happen to a reboot, with many great special effects, awesome fight scenes and lots of blood.

Score: 9/10

You’ve been warned, so without much further ado, here it is, the full movie:

Both the director (who’s also responsible for the decisive but in my opinion also great Detention) and producer are certainly people in the indie movie scene who have to be followed for more interesting productions in the future (especially since Shankar did quite a few fan movies I’ll check out and write about if possible).

So what are your thoughts about this movie? Did you watch the original series? How do both compare? Any other recommendations of fan films which also work for those not familiar with the source material?

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6 Responses to The craze of the “Power/Rangers” fan film

  1. Raymond says:

    Very cool movie! I have watched the first original series when I was a kid. Several series too after. Played the game as well and I think the strongest power rangers are the one with shogun I forgot the name with gigantic combination between 5 original ninja robots if I am not mistaken. It’s so huge.

    • nufafitc says:

      Hehe, it’s been so long since I saw that show on TV I only remembered it when I watched some videos on YouTube :). But I think I’ll get the whole series sometime in the future, especially since it seems to be cheaper in Germany ;).
      Can’t remember any names at all, so I guess I can’t help you with that one :). If I’ll get the chance, I’ll review the series and the movie (or are there more).

      • bino32 says:

        there are actually two movies. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995) and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997). I don’t know the latter but I watched the first one several times when I was a kid. I thought it was a great movie back then, being a big Power Rangers fan. Now that I think about it, I’d like to watch it again 🙂

      • nufafitc says:

        Awesome, thanks for the reminder, and I’ll sure get both as well. I think they’re actually available as a set ;). But there are just so many seasons to keep track off. Even having watched them as a kid I can’t remember ANYTHING, only that it was a cool series.

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