Happy Easter with Jazz Jackrabbit

Do you remember the time when demos were called shareware and Epic (Mega)games didn’t do the covershooter thing, but went a bit platformer with a certain bullets-crazy rabbit?


A short while ago I discovered the CD-ROM “Blaster! III”, published way back in 1995 by TopWare (who are still around and kicking), which included over 50 action games. This shareware sampler featured games by Apogee & Epic Megagames, and the flash of nostalgia when looking at the titles was enough to write about it now, especially since a very fun action platformer with a rabbit could be found there as well: Jazz Jackrabbit.


Okay, maybe it doesn’t have much to do with collecting eggs or celebrating the festive days, but it sure was a lot of fun playing it. There was a sequel and a GBA title with the eponymous hero who ran through levels and blasted enemies in a very colorful world that went by so fast one immediately had to think of Sega’s hedgehog. The music was particularly catchy, while the gameplay was frantic and fun. Many movie references on the chapter-select-screen were also pretty awesome. I only played the first game (and a Christmas special), but the other titles look nice as well. This really needs a new release on GOG, Steam or any other legal digital service.


So for now, just enjoy these trailers… and Happy Easter… even if you might not celebrate it depending on where you’re from, they’re still fun to watch.

Do you also know of any other Easter-related games or movies, any fun videos to watch? If yes, feel free to comment and share your suggestions with me.

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About nufafitc

Being an avid gamer, cinemaniac, and bookworm in addition to other things the internet and new media present, I'm also very much into DIY music, rock and pop in particular. Writing short or longer pieces about anything that interests me has always made me happy. As both an editor for German website "Adventure-Treff" and UK website "Future Sack", I like to write reviews and news about recent developments in the movies, games and book industry.
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14 Responses to Happy Easter with Jazz Jackrabbit

  1. Raymond says:

    The game looks interesting just like my old game I have played. I think recent games have lost the essence of gaming and should follow the example of old gaming concept which is much more interesting. My turtle is becoming a villain in here lol

    • nufafitc says:

      Glad you like it. It’s too bad that it’s more difficult to get it (outside of abandonware sites). There’s a petition going on on GOG and asking Epic Games to release it, so fingers crossed. At least the old Duke Nukem 2D platformers are already available ;).
      I agree, there’s something old games have concerning the fundamental fun element that’s been a bit lost today, although you can still find it in lots of indies, or at least the ones who aren’t too artsy. Oh, and of course Nintendo’s Mario titles are still fun!
      Hehe, didn’t think about the turtles villain, but yes, he’s pretty evil here ;).

    • nufafitc says:

      Which old game have you played? Just curious, maybe I know it. If not, I’m always open for recommendations ;).

      • Raymond says:

        My brain can only tell Megaman while I am very sure I have played hundreds. That’s all I can remember similar game.

      • nufafitc says:

        Ah, the good old Mega Man… of which there are indeed lots and lots of games ;). I still have one on my Xbox 360 I haven’t played yet, which is of course different from the old NES, Gameboy titles.
        Sometimes it’s difficult to keep so many games apart, especially when it comes to platformers :). You can play MegaMan vs. PacMan in “Super Smash Bros.”, haha.

      • Raymond says:

        MegaMan vs PacMan, wow that’s insane. So many games out there you are right. I don’t even have the time anymore to keep up one ny one. I think gaming is so different than what it used to be. I like my Play Station 1 game the most compared with Play Station 2. I don’t know about Play Station 3 or 4. Looking at Final Fantasy series. FF 6 – 8 are great but not after FF VIII. If you want to focus on just awesome graphic with shining meteor magic, fancy character equipment with long stories better making a movie of FF and don’t let me lose the thrill and enjoyment while playing the game. Disappointed and makes me want to quit. I bet it will be the same trend for other platform.

      • nufafitc says:

        Yes, I see your nostalgic point, and even if I’m not the biggest FF fan or JRPGs due to time management, I still appreciate some of the later stuff. It’s true that they became more cinematic, but maybe that’s what I liked about them. And have you seen the real Final Fantasy movies? They weren’t really that great ;).
        But yes, exploring the game world and getting to know the characters is the most interesting aspect. Still I think modern gaming can provide this with episodic content or interactive drama like “Heavy Rain”, even if it’s sometimes… heavy handed, a bit too cinematic.
        You really should play “Flower” or “Journey” if you want a gaming experience unlike any other. I wrote a review about the collector’s edition. There are just so many games and genres become less and less defined, so it’s a great time to get into it again :).

      • Raymond says:

        Yes, I have. It’s not that great as it has no sense for me but according to my soul as an FF gamer, the movie is something, a missing addition cool example for FF lover. I am not not a big fan of FF anymore but used to. FF 7 will always remain in my heart no matter what.
        Yes, you are right nowadays games are just too dramatic and don’t feel like playing games at all.
        I am looking forward for more of your reviews and that’s your blog’s job to remind me about games of course 😉

      • nufafitc says:

        My favorite will be the divisive FF 8, and I never got into FF7. Was kind of a hyped disappointment for me, but I can see why it’s still popular with so many people ;).
        Not sure one can generalize that games are too dramatic/serious these days. I think there hasn’t been a better time with the wide selection of indie/AAA and mid-level games today. You have moving stories as well as very funny stories. Then you have old-school gameplay, new experimental stuff and a mix of both. With Kickstarter, indie development but also big publishers supporting new things, it’s a pretty cool time to be a gamer :).
        I also think there were much funnier point-and-click adventures in the past and some new indie titles try a bit too hard to imitate old games. But at least you have a choice on different platforms :). Oh, and with more titles being able to be completed in less than 5 or even 2 hours, time investment isn’t an issue anymore;).

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