The Witcher Battle Arena “Friends and Foes” update

There’s even more The Witcher gaming love to be had, this time with CD Project RED’s free-to-play MOBA The Witcher Battle Arena that recently received a huge update with Friends and Foes.


For those who’ve never played League of Legends or don’t even know what an MOBA is, here’s just the short version of it. MOBA stands for multiplayer online battle arena and LOL is basically a mod of the old but still popular real-time-strategy title Warcraft III. The goal of the game is to defend towers/control points and hold them in order to collect points. The more points one side gains, the more points the other loses, counting down until a match is won. This is done by using heroes and by levelling up, so no base building is involved.


The Witcher Battle Arena can be downloaded and played for free on iOS and Android, and it’s apparently not pay-to-win. With the strong licence behind it and some lovely cartoon-y colorful graphics, it’s even more interesting to check out.

The Friends and Foes update is quite huge with these changes/improvements:

– New legendary items: new boots, belts & gloves for every character
– Friend system for team-based play with friends
– Tutorial system intended to teach new players the basics of the game
– Ranking system and leaderboards for competitive play
– New mode: deathmatch
– New Map: Berserker Shrine
– Item shop: legendary belts, boots, and gloves are now available for purchase (only for in-game currency)
– Player profiles for easier match and statistics tracking
– Unlockable avatars for profile customization
– New Character: Triss Merigold, who wields powerful ice magic
– New skins: legendary skins for Saskia and Triss
– New weapons: 2 Legendary and 1 Rare weapon for Triss
– Daily rewards system that rewards gamers who play the game every day
– Improved skill targeting for better accuracy
– New bomb: Stenchbulb, a non-damaging bomb that slows and silences every enemy within a certain area from explosion
– Easier way to change between characters in the menu for more intuitive navigation
– Twitter and Facebook integration
– Deep balance changes for most characters

I still have to give this a go (and maybe a review treatment if time allows), but The Witcher Adventure Game already showed that CD Project RED isn’t a company that makes simple cash-ins just to push the sales of their upcoming third instalment.

Download the iOS game for free on
the App Store

Download the Android game for free on
Google play

Official Website

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8 Responses to The Witcher Battle Arena “Friends and Foes” update

  1. Raymond says:

    One word for this game. Cool!
    I love how you can integrate your equipment with the chars you choose.
    Mobile friendly app compatible? deserve another 5 stars from me.
    Do you play the game?

    • nufafitc says:

      Unfortunately I haven’t played it yet, but I sure will and probably write a review ;). CD Project RED just rock as a company. Thanks for sharing your experience with the game. If you know of any other recommendable mobile games, just let me know and I might review them or write short articles :). I’m not much of a phone gamer, to be honest, but I’m always interested in developments in that area ;).

      • Raymond says:

        I have lots of them, which specific genre are you looking for? Is it just about action or strategy game or could be anything?
        Sometimes I have the recommendation from my brothers, sisters, or friends.

      • nufafitc says:

        Ah, anything actually ;). I’m open to all kinds of genres. If you have any particular favorite, or something quite unique on mobile platforms, that would be nice :). I’ve always tried to have more platforms here other than PC and consoles, so it would be great to feature more (and shorter) experiences.

      • Raymond says:

        Try tiny thief. I love that game! It’s not a new game but I like how you are being a thief to steal for the goodness. I am not going to recommend any of angry birds but I bet if you make a review of angry birds with good proper tags, it could draw some attention from outside of WordPress world from google search.
        You could also get yourself an iTunes affiliate member if possible that allows you to earn money if people buys apps from your link (I have done that with previous blogs) and also Georiot to bias the link so it will work for the whole world buyers. It’s not a recommendation job but at least it’s something you can get.
        Try Clash Of Clans, Temple run,etc but they are not a complex game like what you have put into reviews so far.
        I have a plan to review any mobile games too in the future. You can do the same 🙂

      • nufafitc says:

        Awesome, thanks for the recommendations and also advice on the affiliate programs. I have some running (GOG, Amazon), but with mobile games becoming more and more important, especially since there are so many conversions, that would be nice ;).
        Looking forward to your reviews!
        Even if most of my articles deal with some complex narratives or gameplay, I’m also open to other genres and simpler games. I actually reviewed some mobile games under the heading “mobile gaming”.

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