Game release: “Fire” (PC, iOS)

Fire, a point-and-click adventure game without dialogue but with the stone age as a fresh setting, seems to be Daedalic Entertainment‘s newest way to breathe new life into the genre.


It doesn’t happen often that a developer/publisher of classic point-and-click adventures tries something different in a market dominated by the same old formulas (especially in the point-and-clickers of today). Even though item-based puzzles are still prevalent in this title, the use of slapstick and situational comedy without the long dialogue trees the company is known for is recommendable and makes Fire a game worth checking out, especially with those lovely drawn backgrounds and the low price point of just 10 Euros (even for the retail box version). There’s also a small discount of 1 Euro on Steam that lasts until April 16, 2015.


The game that tells the story of Neanderthal Ungh who has to find fire for his village is out now on PC and also iOS. So make sure to let the developer/publisher know that this is a step in the right direction and future of point-and-clickers with intuitive gameplay and an emphasis on fun storytelling.

Buy the PC game on
Amazon Germany (Retail)

Official Website

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11 Responses to Game release: “Fire” (PC, iOS)

  1. Raymond says:

    Reblogged this on Encouraging Life and commented:
    Nice fun game review.

    • nufafitc says:

      Although it’s actually a news article, hopefully the full review will be coming soon if time management and publisher with review copy agree ;).

      • Raymond says:

        It’s a good preview you have made! As I am reblogging this article is the start where I should spend my time more on making game reviews πŸ™‚
        If not I might be lazy and just keep reblogging yours to drive traffic to your blog lol

      • nufafitc says:

        I don’t mind getting some more traffic ;). But yes, try writing some of your own, maybe the mobile games? I can tell you it’s a lot of time investment doing these full articles… Fingers crossed I get one out this month and more next. But previews or news articles are a good way to give people some ideas of what to expect ;).

      • Raymond says:

        I do will write my own soon and actually have to finish app reviews first.
        I hope to be able to finish Snapseed app review I have mentioned so many times with you and other readers. Delay and delay….

      • nufafitc says:

        Looking forward to these reviews. I think if you start covering app games, there’s no end to it ;).

      • Raymond says:

        Pretty much right πŸ™‚

      • nufafitc says:

        But as long as you have fun doing this, that’s okay ;). It can only get stressful if you get too many review copies but don’t have so much time :).

      • Raymond says:

        Yeah sigh but luckily I have a lot of diversity on my blog, If I get bored or need more time at doing one thing just leave it and write something else that I like or short article so that least my readers have something to read πŸ™‚

      • nufafitc says:

        Same here ;), although it has become more game-related lately. However, some movie reviews coming up… and one involving travelling and blogging :).

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