Modern horror movies: “Wer”

More found footage-inspired documentary horror, but this time director William Brent Bell shows the wolfman in another light.

(USA 2013, director: William Brent Bell)


A defense attorney tries to find out what’s behind the mysterious, bestial killings of a family her client seemingly did, while also trying to unravel his past and present mental/physical condition.


It’s often difficult to like a movie despite characters one is hardpressed to feel sympathy for. Wer is such a case. The wannabe, fragile-tough defense attorney is more annoying than touching, while her former boyfriend and now medical advisor is just as clichéd as the Israeli guy who feels all the prejudices coming up against him. However, in a strange way it works, if only because of the action sequences.


These are pretty good, but they need time to finally kick in. Starting as a mystery drama with some investigation scenes, the movie is more slow-paced than the trailer promises. This is one of its biggest problems, as a relationship between the audience and the characters seldom comes to fruition. As a realistic portrayal of a sick man, it works to a degree, but if one expects a full-blown horror flick, disappointment and even boredom will set in for the first part.


However, the second half gets much better, and the finale is action-packed with lots of gore and blood spilling, while there are also a few creepy moments. Seeing SWAT teams decimated in a gruesome fashion almost makes the first boring half negligible. The ending has also a nice twist, although one could argue that it tries too hard to be surprising and different from other werewolf movies, being almost a bit laughable.


Wer certainly doesn’t set the standard for werewolf flicks high, as it’s not really that original and suffers both in the plot and character development department. Still, as far as gory setpieces go, it’s entertaining to watch, if only one can dismiss the forced seriousness of it all.

Score: 6/10


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