Game release: “Human Resource Machine” (PC)

Indie developer Tomorrow Corporation delivers a self-aware simulation about corporate workplace conditions with Human Resource Machine.


The developers behind Little Inferno (also recently being available on GOG) are known for their weird humor, poking fun at modern media and life in general. Their first game about burning stuff in order to get more stuff and then upgrading stuff-burning tools already showed how they played with gameplay ideas and criticizing modern society.


But with Human Resource Machine they take the next step by having the player organize the day of office workers to complete tasks the boss gives them. This means optimizing the workers’ activities in a programming style, which is just like solving individual puzzles. After having played a bit with Little Inferno, this sounds more involving, because it actually means using one’s head, rather than needlessly burning stuff.


With an awesome graphics style and a weird soundtrack, this could very well be the company’s best output yet. Turning the fight against computers/machines for one’s job in today’s market into a game might look like bad taste, but it’s something the industry needs to show that there are still games that can be just as relevant as books or movies to make people aware of today’s problems… but with a smile and fun gameplay.

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