Christmas 2015 games special, Part II

Some games don’t cost much, while others don’t cost anything at all. So why not celebrate the second Christmas Day with freebies (thanks to bino32 of The Idiosyncracy of Life in Words who helped me compile this list)?

What would happen if you crossed the old 2D Metal Gear Solid game (back in the 8-bit MSX/NES days) with a Christmas theme? Merry Gear Solid: Secret Santa and Merry Gear Solid 2: Ghost of Christmas Past are the answer. The main idea of the first game is as ludicrous as it is awesome: playing as Santa Claus and trying to bring presents without the house inhabitants noticing. In the second game the plot is even more nonsense with the mission to retrieve Santa’s Hat from an extremist group (the Ghosts of Christmas Past), while preventing them to take control of the SOC (Spirit of Christmas) System in a shopping mall.

This is stealth gaming at its finest. Not only is it possible to stun “enemies” with a nerf gun or camera flashlight, but hiding and moving in a box as a wrapped up present is just as much fun as figuring out how to get past all the obstacles. With some nice-looking graphics and many references to the original Metal Gear series in addition to cool music, sound effects and even voice acting, these are must play titles during the festive season.

Download MGS for PC on
the official website

Official Merry Gear Solid Website

Download MGS 2 for PC on
the official website

Official Merry Gear Solid 2 Website

Before you can bring presents, you first have to find them, which is the goal of Prezzie Hunt. Being already in its 8th iteration, the game might not look like much, but walking around in an FPS environment and collecting those special boxes without the use of violence, but with some lateral thinking, e.g. when trying to find keycards and well-hidden presents to open each level’s door, this is certainly a different kind of game what the first-person perspective is usually known for.

Download Prezzie Hunt for PC on
the official website

Official Prezzie Hunt Website

Even if snow is almost a thing of the past in some countries (substituted by rain and a weird, almost early spring weather), it’s still possible to do mischievous fights with balls made out of (mostly) snow. Playing the free browser game SnowCraft, this all comes without getting wet or hurt. As there’s not much else to it (so no base building or other complicated RTS elements) other than controlling one party of boys, making sure they evade attacks and deliver them in equal measure to the other party when the power meter is up, it’s best just to try it out oneself.

Play SnowCraft for PC on
the official website

Official SnowCraft Website

Combining the snowball fight, evading or attacking enemies, while trying to collect presents and other stuff as Santa Claus can also be found in Puzzlehouse Finland‘s Xmas Special, a 3D platformer. While it sounds simple and looks minimalistic, the difficulty of not being able to jump indefinitely certainly adds an interesting flavor to the jump-and-run template.

Download Xmas Special for PC on
the official website

Official Puzzlehouse Finland Website

Now if all these games are too simple for you, either because they’re graphically not up to date or the gameplay is too casual, let me know about any alternatives!

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