Game release: “Obduction” (PC)

Cyan‘s Obduction brings back classic adventuring in alien worlds with an emphasis on exploration and puzzles.

The times when obscure mechanical puzzle solving in mystical worlds as part of the Myst titles’ DNA were the most influential but also divisive in adventure games are over, and I have to say I’ve never been a big fan of this type of gameplay. However, the music and graphics were always fantastic, creating an otherworldly atmosphere rarely found in other games. So it remains to be seen how the newest game fares in a world of adventure games where storytelling has progressed beyond watching video messages and diaries.

What has already changed is the real-time 3D movement replacing the old step-by-step clicking through standstills. Fueled by the Unreal Engine 4, the graphics look marvelous, depending on one’s current PC system, while audio should be just as immersive as ever. The story about an unnamed person who is abducted to an alien planet and has to explore it with various clues to its history already shows that this is a different experience from explanation-heavy adventure titles.

Cyan always knew how to build worlds that were so real and unreal at the same time, only being closed off to many players due to their difficult puzzles, so hopefully this is addressed in the newest game that gives as much freedom to exploring the alien planet as it gives choices that influence the story’s outcome and an even better experience in VR. Maybe it’s time to replay the older titles to get in the mood, with or without a walkthrough, to see how much has really changed over the years. Those interested in the development of Obduction will find an interesting read in the QA with Cyan article on GOG.

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