Game release: “Space Rangers: Quest” (PC)

The sci-fi genre has a long history of text-heavy exposition, but it also has quite a few action and strategy titles, and with the release of SNK Games‘ text adventure Space Rangers: Quest, deep space got a little bit more crowded.

Space Rangers is a series of space RPG action strategy games with an emphasis on trading and even some arcade-like sequences, as in Space Rangers HD: A War Apart, so it’s interesting to see a full-blown text adventure thrown into the mix. While some people might call it a cheap cash-in and many more miss all these gameplay elements, it doesn’t mean that the game isn’t without its merits.

Exploring the galaxy to find a way to defend organic life against a new threat is the main goal, but one goes through many different story branches and has to make decisions that can change the outcome of the story, for good or bad. With random events and unpredictable happenings, not being able to go back to a save point might sound frustrating, but it should create some kind of tension. Puzzles and combat are both text-based, while upgrading, choosing three paths to follow and completing text quests adds an RPG element to proceedings.

Of course a lot of text reading is necessary, but the visuals are still great to look at, and even if it might not have the depth or suspense of the games it’s based on, it might just be a good entry point for those who like to explore this galaxy and take their time with making decisions. The game is out now on both mobile and PC platforms.

Buy the game for PC on

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