Game release: “We Are The Dwarves” (PC)

Tactical strategy games in a fantasy setting don’t always have to involve different characters, as Whale Rock Games’ We Are The Dwarves focuses on the smaller race.

Telling the story of a Dwarven Starship that is in search of new energy sources and crashes with only three Dwarven astronauts alive who then have to fight their way through dark caverns already shows that the typical fantasy fare is mixed up with sci-fi tropes. It remains to be seen how deep (pun intended) the storytelling really is and how relatable the tough characters are, but at least it feels quite fresh, compared to the standard save-the-world-and-defeat-the-ultimate-evil tales. And dwarves are so much cooler than elves, anyway.

Each dwarf has their own unique abilities, and one can switch on the fly between them while controlling the whole squad as well, giving real-time orders to overcome all the enemy obstacles. Pressing the pause button and adjusting strategies is also a nice way to think about each new step in the tough battles. Using the environment to one’s advantage, e.g. throwing nasties off cliffs, is also a viable option to progress.

The game certainly looks and sounds nice (and bloody) with fluid animations, atmospheric backgrounds and lighting effects, while offering some good voice acting and suitably epic music. It’s now available for PC with a 33% discount that will last until September 28, 1:59 PM UTC.

Buy the game for PC on

Official Website

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