Game release: “Wuppo” (PC)

Knuist & Perzik‘s cute-looking action-adventure-RPG hybrid Wuppo certainly has enough charme to win over all kinds of gamers.

The title is already weird, and while the art style is charming, one shouldn’t make the mistake to see it as a children’s game. Telling the story of strange ball-like creature Wum who lost its home and now looks for another one, there are even stranger creatures and places to visit. Platforming, frantic boss battles, shooting and solving puzzles become part of the long journey.

One doesn’t only have to use fast reflexes or the right items, but social skills when talking to the world’s inhabitants in order to overcome obstacles. Collecting film strips helps to flesh out the rich history of the game world with all its inventive creatures as well. It all sounds and looks very promising and impressive, especially considering that it was done by the two-team Netherlands developers Lars Korendijk and Thomas de Waard. With so many indie games using the pixel art look and usually relying on the same old platforming and story tropes, it’s nice to finally see something hand-drawn and a bit different in gameplay terms.

The game is now available on PC with a 15% discount that will last until October 6, 1:59 PM UTC.

Buy the game for PC on

Official Website

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