Game release: “Maize” (PC)

If you thought that Headlander was a weird game, then you should definitely check out Finish Line Games‘ first-person adventure Maize that has more than just a fair bit of oddball characters.

The premise of a U.S. government experiment gone wrong with creating sentient corn and the main character being an ill-tempered Russian robotic teddy bear who wants to find out what happened in an underground facility below an abandoned farm should already be enough to make one curious about this game. It obviously doesn’t take itself seriously with lots of metafictional elements (read: the bear insulting the player) and weird puzzles in an even weirder environment.

The game looks absolutely lovely and sounds fantastic with humor that might not be very subtle, but then again it’s a world of talking and walking corn in which the puzzles hopefully don’t end up being too Myst-like, i.e. having too many machine or logic puzzles. It would be too bad if the puzzle design would stand in the way of some great comedy scenes and even some deeper story (or nonsense) behind it all. Sometimes it feels so good to see something different in the adventure game genre, so hopefully the game delivers what the trailer and screenshots promise, no matter how long the playtime is.

The game is now available for PC with a 10% discount that will last until December 4, 5:59 PM UTC. So be quick and support this unique title and the developer’s crazy vision.

Buy the game for PC on

Official Website

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