Game release: “Syberia 3” (PC,PS4,Xbox One)

It’s amazing how long it takes for some game series to be revived, but Microids‘ point-and-click adventure Syberia 3 finally made its way to digital shores.

The first game (reviewed here) and second one (reviewed there) are 15 and 13 years old already, and while the story had quite a fitting end, Benoit Sokal decided to give gamers a new one about former lawyer Kate Walker who went on a journey to find the last remaining heir of an automaton factory, becoming involved in an epic adventure which brought her to the fabled Syberia where mammoths still live. Now she has to help the Youkol people, nomads who were connected to her first journeys, against a militaristic group, while at the same time confronting her own past.

This is a game I’ve been waiting for years to happen… and not. It might sound strange, but considering how the first two games tied together as one story with quite a satisfying ending, it felt wrong to continue it, although I’ve always wanted to explore more of the world of Syberia with its rich lore and interesting people/creatures. Revisiting this place will most definitely be a weird experience after all these years, and if current reviews are anything to go by, gameplay, story and presentation haven’t been received particularly well.

This might have to do with a different, darker plot or a more action-oriented approach with 3D environments to explore (although it won’t hopefully try to imitate Lara Croft’s reboot, as similarities in outfit/look of Kate Walker can’t be shaken off), bringing with it third-person controls. From the looks of it, character animations aren’t the best, but it’s still extremely beautiful due to comic author Benoit Sokal’s art direction. The soundtrack also feels like a great addition to the former scores, and to be honest, gameplay and puzzles have never been strengths of the series, so this could still deliver.

The game is now available on PC as well as PS4 and Xbox One, with a Nintendo Switch version coming soon. In addition, there’s a deluxe upgrade that includes digital soundtracks by Inon Zur, the exclusive digital 20 first pages of the next comic books (exciting stuff, as it was always my dream to read an adaptation!), and a digital wallpaper. It’s just too bad that everything is DRM, so no GOG version at the moment. 40 GB of install space is also not without its problems…

Buy the PC game on
Amazon Germany
Amazon UK (includes Syberia 1+2 as well)
Amazon USA

Buy the console game on
Amazon Germany (PS4)
Amazon Germany (Xbox One)
Amazon UK (PS4)
Amazon UK (Xbox One)
Amazon USA (PS4)
Amazon USA (Xbox One)

Official website

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4 Responses to Game release: “Syberia 3” (PC,PS4,Xbox One)

  1. Eldave0 says:

    As someone who enjoyed the first 2 games quite a bit, I’m excited to pick up part3 on the Switch (whenever it comes out). I’m sure, like the first 2 games, it will have a number of flaws but, providing the story is alright, I’ll be happy 🙂

    • nufafitc says:

      Yes, I’ll definitely play it as well whenever that will be. At least some of the game-breaking bugs and performance issues have been addressed, so it’s always better to wait.
      Will be interesting to see how the Switch will handle it. Don’t have it, but still, maybe it gets a better treatment than the initial release :). Anyway, story-wise, it seems to be quite different and more action-focused, so we’ll see how it eventually turns out ;).

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