Game release: “ECHO” (PC)

Stealth action-adventures aren’t new these days, but fighting against yourself is what makes ULTRA ULTRA‘s ECHO so special.

Being one hundred years in stasis, only to wake up and finding oneself in a palace outside of place and time is already enough for girl En to take in, but when she has to face copies of herself, Echoes, the real trouble starts. As these behave like the player and imitate their actions, the game is highly individualized. So if one sprints, the Echoes will get faster. Sneaking means they will become stealthier, and shooting obviously results in more shoot-outs.

This already sounds like some interesting A.I. stuff, but to spice things up, there’s a certain phase of blackout when the Palace “reboots”. This cycle lets the Echoes update on one’s recent behavior and one is given the freedom to act without consequence, as the Echoes stop learning for the time being. In order to keep the player invested in the stealth-action cycle, there’s still a story that focuses on En’s past and connection to the Palace where she has to revive a man. All in all, it’s intriguing sci-fi stuff with some familiar stealth and action gameplay, but if the A.I. really adapts the way the developers say it does, this could be a game-changer.

The game is out now on PC with a 10% launch discount that ends tomorrow, September 26, 1PM UTC. A PS4 version will be available in October.

Buy the game for PC on

Official website

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