Gamescom 2017, Part 4: Public Area, Hall 7

If Hall 6 already had many AAA productions, Hall 7 showed that Gamescom 2017 offered many more big games, but also more casual-friendly titles.

What better way to draw people’s attention than with a nice-looking car promoting Gran Turismo Sport? Even if I haven’t been a fan of car simulations, I have to say that every Gran Turismo looked pretty amazing, something that was already talked about at the Gamescom 2013 Sony press screenings.

Of course Sony Interactive had something for everyone, even if VR played the biggest role. Pre-registration was necessary to play most titles, though, putting players into familiar worlds via the headsets with the likes of Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV or Skyrim VR. But there were also braver attempts to wow the crowd, with games like Bravo Team, Moss, No Heroes Allowed, Sparc, Stifled, The Persistence, and The Inpatient, the latter one being of particular interest because of Supermassive Games who revisit the world of their PS4 cinematic survival horror experience Until Dawn. Unfortunately due to the pre-registration and waiting queues I didn’t play any of the titles.

Another game I was excited about (but couldn’t play) was David Cage’s (of Heavy Rain fame) Detroit: Become Human. But as you never know what’s behind closed doors, the chances to wait an hour or two to be shown a simple trailer were too high. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy made me realize that it was time to get that PS4 Pro and be up to date with all things Nathan Drake and his companions were up to, as I simply loved the first three games.

VR wasn’t the only next/current big thing, as PlayLink is a new way to interact with the PS4 and one’s cellphone. Hidden Agenda, also developed by Supermassive Games, looked extremely promising, as it was a mix of crime thriller and party game where every player has a… well… hidden agenda the others don’t know about and one has to find a murderer together (or maybe someone is the murderer?). A very cool concept with great graphics.

PlayLink is obviously predestined for fun party games, and while That’s You! was too similar to the personal-questions-asking formula adult boardgames use and Knowledge is Power was a quiz game one should expect on that platform, Frantics caught my eye with its crazy animal characters making a selfie.

Sony also presented other companies’ games like Activision’s Call of Duty WWII, Destiny 2 and Capcom’s Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, Monster Hunter World. The monster hunting had one of the coolest booths, although the winter-clad lady really reminded me of Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s main protagonist, which wasn’t such a surprise, as it was a Sony game.

What company can be bigger than Sony? Well, in gaming it was Blizzard, and even if I’ve somewhat lost touch with all its franchises (although this might change when playing Diablo III and Starcraft II I recently bought), I was still intrigued by all the merchandise and of course the fantasy artwork.

With its colorful comic-style, some of the designs looked quite cute, considering that Blizzard usually went for more violent and mature aesthetics, but it has to be said, they managed to retain some disgusting features of the original Warcraft franchise.

If I’d had to choose which memorabilia to buy, then it would have been the Starcraft Pylon USB Charger, as it was practical in some way, too.

Overwatch was another franchise that had cool figurines, and if one spent more than enough money, a convention bag would be given away for free. A strange new way for dispensing goodies that usually given to people when waiting for hours in a queue…

At least one could admire some great, if rather morbid booth decorations from Diablo III and World of Warcraft.

Card-battling game Hearthstone also made quite an impact and seemed to aim at a younger audience as well.

In summary, Hall 7 wasn’t that surprising with all its familiar franchises receiving updates or being shown again. However, VR turned out to be more than just a fad, as it’s here to stay. I’m pretty happy about this development and I’m looking forward to the PlayLink games as well. Unlike Microsoft with only presenting a more powerful console, the Japanese company seemed to go in more exciting technology directions. Blizzard was again always good for taking photos of all the merch, an indication of what to expect in the next hall I would visit…

To be continued…

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