Gamescom 2017, Part 7: Public Area, Hall 10.1

Our Gamescom 2017 coverage slowly comes to an end, and as with every year, Public Area Hall 10.1 was the last stop and offered much indie gaming goodness in the Indie Arena Booth.

As feet and head weren’t really up to scratch anymore with time also running out, it was a shame that I couldn’t play any of the games, even though I could have a chat with some developers. First was Keyboard Sports: Saving Qwerty, my personal favorite of the show, featured in the Humble Bundle section. The gameplay idea was brilliant, as parts of the keyboard were literally used as levels on which one had to move. It looked silly and like a lot of fun, especially in multiplayer. As the game is part of the Humble Monthly Trove, it’s worth checking out there. Giveaways are always welcome, and it was fitting to receive actual keys, namely F5 and F7.

The other game that caught my eye and where I had the chance to talk about with a developer was Nova Nukers! that looked remarkably like a multiplayer version of the round planet platformer extravaganza of Super Mario Galaxy. Apparently Nintendo didn’t have a problem with the imitator and a Nintendo Switch version might be possible, too. Blowing up stuff in a colorful comic world is always great, so this would fit rather nicely, considering that Splatoon made such an impact on the Wii U.

I still remember playing Pressure back in 2013 and also writing about it in the Indie Royale Water Day Bundle news, so it was a surprise to see the steampunk arcade-driving action back in the remade Pressure Overdrive!.

I’d loved to have a sit down with one of the few indie adventure games, as they had quite unique hand-drawn backgrounds and character designs, like Unforeseen Incidents, Jengo or The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk, but it was just too crowded and loud to get into the adventuring zone.

Daedalic Entertainment was also present, and while I didn’t care much about Deponia, their flight adventure AER looked rather promising.

There were just too many titles in closed spaces that it was impossible to get a glimpse at everything, so I’ll just give you some more photo impressions. As it turned out, pixel art was still prominent in most cases, and there was a wide range of fun but also introspective games on display.

However, I wouldn’t leave you without any comments or opinions, so here are just a few titles I found especially enticing, either because of their gameplay or artwork. How cool is it that you can play a minotaur, for example?

Double Kick Heroes looked great as well, as a rhythm-action game mixed with shoot-em-up elements can only rock in my music and gaming book.

Finally, Nine Parchments had some very impressive-looking visuals that were reminiscent of the vibrant fantasy world of the Trine series, but this one was a co-operative blast ’em up.

Just as with rock shows it was nice that independent developers didn’t only have lovely artwork in their booths, but you could also buy some of the merch.

All in all, the Indie Arena Booth was great to walk through, but bad to sit down, as there were just too many titles to play. So maybe next year, I should rather start with the retro gaming area and move to this hall and spend another day in the other halls… or just skip them altogether. Taking into account that the Koelnmesse didn’t want to give indies the space to present their games two years ago, the number of titles should prove them wrong again. Maybe sometime in the near future there’s an Indiecom, who knows?

The end… at least for this year.

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