Netflix watchlist: September 2017

Watching Netflix in September was a TV shows-only affair in addition to one live comedy show.

Preparing for Halloween and my annual movie special week obviously means that time has to be spent on watching some physical copies of movies and even if Netflix offers interesting horror flicks, it wasn’t to be this time, although there was enough suspense and horror in TV shows. Unfortunately, Hannibal‘s third season was a narrative disaster. Simply telling an alternative version of the original Hannibal movie and then moving on to Red Dragon might be expected, but if it doesn’t bring much suspense to the table, it’s as superfluous as a remake of Psycho. Speaking of Hitchcock’s horror thriller, Bates Motel was worth watching, as like any good TV show, it always had cliffhangers and one wanted to know what happened next. It’s certainly nothing spectacular and loses itself in too many sub-plots, and the Norman actor is unintentionally overdramatic-funny at times, but it’s recommended as a complementary of the original.

I had high expectations for Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, but it turned out to be a disappointment. There were still some fun scenes (and a surprising amount of blood at the end which again was mindbendingly stupid), but with more character and story developments, it was simply not the same as the nonsensical movie it was based on or the extremely funny first show. So it went the same way as the later Trailer Park Boys seasons, i.e. too much drama and twists that aren’t really necessary. However, the first episode of the final season is promising enough, as it was more ridiculous and crazier than what went before, hopefully culminating in a finale that is worthy of the first seasons before Netflix took over. The secret agent animated series Archer comes highly recommended without any reservations. Even if the sexist and racist remarks will offend people, it’s a very fun parody on the genre, just like the French OSS 117 movies, only with bloodier violence and raunchier scenes.

TV shows:
Archer (Season 1, Episodes 1-4) [9/10]
Bates Motel (Complete Seasons 1+2+3+4) [7/10, 7/10, 7/10, 7/10]
Hannibal (Complete Season 3) [5/10]
Trailer Park Boys (Season 10, Episodes 4-10 + Season 11, Episode 1) [7/10, 8/10]
Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later (Complete Season 1) [7/10]

German comedy isn’t usually my thing, but Der Dennis: Leider nein! Leider gar nicht! (translated: The Dennis: Unfortunately no! Unfortunately not at all!) showed a rather stupid young man who reflected Germany’s consumerism-focused youth. Of course not every joke worked and there were many imitations of known soccer stars or commercials I didn’t know, with too much toilet humor in the second half. But compared to what TV/live comedy garbage some Germans celebrate, this actually made fun of many sitting in the audience who didn’t realize they were laughing about their own social behavior. Sad, but true…

Live comedy shows:
Der Dennis: Leider nein! Leider gar nicht! [8/10]

Movies didn’t feature at all last month in the streaming service and I’m not sure they will in October, as there are just too many TV shows to watch, but it’s still great to be presented with so many different genres and try them out before buying them on physical media.

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