New additions to the media collection in October 2017

It’s mid-November and before some reviews hit this space, let’s see what October brought to the collecting table.

As always, let’s start with the monthly mags I get, even if I can’t read them all on time, but then again the postal service isn’t really that reliable anyway. At least they seem to be able to deliver them during the month they’re supposed to be in the mailbox.

I don’t know where I’ll put all the LEGO Star Wars sets when they’ll be built, but they sure look cool, and it’s great to have something of the franchise every month, as a good preparation for the upcoming new movie.

Buying games in retail boxes has become rather rare these days, at least new releases, which might be because most are available in digital form. The new King’s Quest is one such case when one only has a Steam code and has to download everything that isn’t on the disc (just including Chapter 1). Oh well, at least it was quite cheap (5 Euros) and beat the online price. I’ve almost forgotten about The Wonderful 101, as it became a difficult Wii U game to find after its limited release. But if one looks long enough in Gamestop shops, one will find it for a reasonable price (15 Euros). Now if there was only time to play it…

After already dipping in during the “Buy for 100 Euros and receive a 50 Euros discount” offer on Amazon in September, I started my 3 for 2 shopping with more Studio Ghibli titles.

It doesn’t happen very often, but I still buy some DVDs if they’re not available on BD, and as I’ve been waiting for ages that the price for Saya Zamurai (a movie I saw at the Nippon Connection 2012 on Day 2) would drop (which it didn’t), this Amazon 3 for 2 counter against Media Markt served me well. The animated Zelda series should be good for a nostalgic laugh, too.

Two mediabooks were also among the 3 for 2 bargains, and while I didn’t find Prison very memorable the first time, I’ll give it another chance. We Need To Talk About Kevin is an entirely different affair, as it should be just as powerful and disturbing as when I watched it at the Fantasy Filmfest Nights 2012 on Day 2.

It’s about time to get a 3D projector and screen with more exciting titles added to the collection. I hadn’t heard about Mojin: The Lost Legend before, but this Chinese movie should deliver some Indiana Jones action, even if I’m a bit concerned about the Asian over-acting and comedy. Having Matt Damon on the front cover doesn’t usually bode well, but then again if there are enough memorable fight scenes and epic music, that’s enough for me. The sequel to Tim Burton’s first Alice in Wonderland adaptation (I still have to get in 3D as well) should be crazy eye-candy.

Speaking of crazy, the 3 for 2 offer made me buy quite a lot of trash movies of varying quality. Sharknado 5 was amazing, 2Lava 2Lantula not really… Still looking forward to the Hercules trashfest (of which I need to watch the first one I bought in its mediabook edition, but haven’t come around checking it out), but there are obviously other more serious (guilty pleasure) affairs like The Purge: Election Year and The Punisher (the first time available uncut after years of being on the German Index). Oh, and let’s not forget about Alien Covenant… but that’s another story for a review coming up soon.

Then there were many 18+ rated movies I always wanted to check out, but didn’t really want to pay much for. I had to pay twice for the Amazon 5 Euros age certification control punishment fee, but all in all this was worth it with the general quality of the movies I managed to watch. Rob Zombie’s new movie is much better than his last lame attempt The Lords of Salem, even if it’s nothing very memorable, while the first Alone in the Dark is entertaining (also worth mentioning the disgusting blood bag case) and the second one abominably bad. Shame about The Hallow which had potential but wasn’t anything special in the creature feature genre, with some annoying main characters. Hell Baby didn’t hit all the right joke notes, but it had a great funny finale, The Night Watchmen was extremely fun and Don’t Kill It (with the very stupid generic German “translation” The Demon Hunter) was quite gory and original in its premise that if one kills a possessed person one is possessed next. If you want to experience some awesomely bad voice acting in German, you have to check out Raining Blood (again a strange German “translation”, as it’s originally known as Live), and I mean this in a positive way. Just as in the good old 70ies Rainer Brand translations, characters would swear and talk about something completely irrelevant to what was on screen. It was very entertaining and I can’t remember having had so much fun with a trash movie for a while. It might not be the next Helldriver (seen at the Nippon Connection 2012 on Day 4), as it wasn’t that bloody or original, but for entertainment alone, this comes highly recommended.

88 Films is known for their classic 80/90ies video nasty releases on BD, and even if the quality of the individual movies varies, one has to applaud them for the reversible cover art and generally good video quality (depending on the original master). I still remember watching the Toxie Troma flicks and they were intentionally bad, so we’ll see how they hold up today.

The problem of great cover artwork is that most of the time the actual movies aren’t really that exciting to watch. While I only gave Splatter University and Lurking Fear a try, they weren’t what you’d call fun, with too many boring parts getting in the way. Well, at least the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired one had more action and gore. The slasher “classic” was a tedious example of how not to do a movie. Maybe the bonus flick on the BD will be better… Oh well, as these titles will probably never see the light of Netflix, this is the only way to experience them, and who knows? Maybe they can be unintentionally funny or even disturbing as the taglines make them out to be.

It wasn’t all in front of the big or small screen where the action happened last month, as board games took a big part in the collection as well. In preparation for the SPIEL ’17, the big international game fair in Essen, my girlfriend contributed with these two Game of the Year titles. We only played Stone Age Junior that was made by the Settlers of Catan inventor, offering a short but fun kids strategy game with memory card elements (I’m always bad at, to be honest).

At the venue itself, there were so many board games to choose from, and even if I didn’t buy any, thanks to my girlfriend, even more titles found their way in our collection. We’ve tried out a few, with Guju Guju being a pretty fun quick-reflexes grab-the-appropriate-fruits game, Tides of Time being a unique game involving constant changing of cards on the players’ hands, and Pinata Loca being an easy-to-learn but very cool get-candy-for-positive-points-and-trash-for-negative-points stacking card game.

I’m not sure if I’ll find the time to write an article about the whole SPIEL ’17 event, as there are so many other things in my to-do list, but who knows…only time will tell.

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