Overview of (blog) life in November 2017

Taking a short break from all the Alien-themed reviews and some recent gaming news, let’s have a look at what happened in blogging last month.

The overview of (blog) life in October 2017 was right on time at the beginning, with Netflix watchlist: October 2017 following shortly after. Only the new additions to the media collection in October 2017 had to wait until mid-November with all that photo organizing.

Keeping up the daily blogging routine certainly paid off, as I reached two milestones with 1000 Likes and 1000 Posts.

I only covered one sale this time, but with a free game unlocked (and more if you already owned certain titles on Steam):

GOG Halloween Sale with free copy of “Tales from the Borderlands” and new GOG Connect titles

Speaking of free games, there were also some that didn’t require spending any money, with the biggest surprise probably being the bestselling StarCraft II becoming free-to-play:

Humble Bundle free game “Brütal Legend”
GOG free game “MDK” + Black Friday Sale
PC game “StarCraft II” now free (to play)
GOG free game “Syberia” + “Syberia I+II” on GOG Connect + “Syberia 3: The Complete Journey” release

Money could also be spent by supporting games in the making, and I gave two of them a try after having been asked by the developer/PR, so it was more like a review rather than news:

A Near Dawn

Of course there were still some new game releases to talk about:

Black Mirror [2017]
Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back
Zwei: The Ilvard Resurrection

GOG also had three nice retro additions and an indie game added to their DRM-free library:

60 Seconds!
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
Heart of China
Rise of the Dragon

Now the reason why fewer game release articles were published, was because reviews took up more time and space, this time being all about sci-fi, with the help of some fellow bloggers:

Alien: Isolation
Alien Rampage
Aliens vs. Predator 2000 Classic
“CAYNE” chat review with blog Later Levels

Last but not least movies with a sci-fi alien theme were reviewed as well, making these almost two Halloween-like feature weeks:

Alien 1-4
Alien: Covenant
AVP: Alien vs. Predator + Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem
Alien vs. Ninja
Predator 1-3
Prometheus (2012)
Species 1-4

For this month, I’ll deliver the rest of the game reviews and hopefully something Star Wars-related. With Christmas and winter approaching, there might also be some more season-themed surprises along the way. Fingers crossed I’ll manage it all somehow…

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Being an avid gamer, cinemaniac, and bookworm in addition to other things the internet and new media present, I'm also very much into DIY music, rock and pop in particular. Writing short or longer pieces about anything that interests me has always made me happy. As both an editor for German website "Adventure-Treff" and UK website "Future Sack", I like to write reviews and news about recent developments in the movies, games and book industry.
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