New additions to the media collection in January 2018

It’s again the last day of the month and the only one to keep the traditional new additions to the media collection ball rolling, this time for January 2018.

The December 2017 media list included quite a few Star Wars presents, and my love of the franchise (despite the somewhat lukewarm Episode VIII: The Last Jedi) still continued in the new year with two LEGO magazines.

As always, the Retrogamer and Games TM mag were already old news when they arrived three weeks after their release (and it would become an even bigger problem with the January issues I’m still waiting for at this moment).

Despite Christmas and my birthday already being over, my girlfriend gave me a great present with the children’s book of the Disneyland ride The Haunted Mansion. It also included a catchy song on a CD. Of course I can’t share all the pages with you, but the following excerpts should give you an idea of how amazing the artwork is and that now I’ve got to see if there other books like these to collect.

If anyone of you has been on the ride, then these pictures will certainly put a smile on your face, especially the last one that depicts the ghosts that join you on your journey later on.

Another theme park I recently visited, namely at the beginning of January, was the Europa Park. But what was better than enjoying all the cool rides? Bringing them back home, kind of. The three 4D movies can be watched on one’s own 3D TV or projector, and while they obviously lack the wind and snow coming from the ceiling, rocking chairs, and other special effects, they’re still nice to watch, even in 2D. They’re only around 10-15 minutes long, so they seem overpriced with 15 Euros for each, but with some nice bonus features, like additional languages, these are certainly nice memorabilia that other theme parks will hopefully offer in the near future as well.

The Voletarium, a big screen cinematic ride in which one feels like flying, was one of the attractions I didn’t go to, as there were so many things to see in this expansive theme park, but I bought a making-of BD and the soundtrack. The latter was a nice mix of uplifting and dreamy tunes, while the former offered a few fun mini-movies, although the making-of that included the 2-hour long opening was only entertaining in an unintentionally funny way.

40 years is a long time, and with Europa Park innovating in new technologies (like 3D rollercoasters or a new water park on the horizon), it’s certainly one of the few around that change every year. So looking back at the beginning and seeing it evolve is certainly nice to watch on the first BD. Unfortunately, the second one includes so many trailers that deal more with business hotels that one can easily lose interest in the whole thing. If you can’t stand pretentious marketing, then this certainly isn’t for you. Oh well, at least one can make fun of some of these ridiculous adverts if one is in the mood…

Speaking of fun, the Otto Waalkes exhibition was another highlight to experience in the theme park. For those who don’t know the man: he’s a comedian who’s been around for a very long time, mostly known for his Ottifants, comic elephants that were put in all sorts of art scenes. I haven’t opened the book yet, but maybe I’ll cover it sometime in the future. The silly humor is very special and difficult to translate at times, but we’ll see. The pictures alone might do the trick…

Birthday money is always nice, and these two items were what it was spent on. Still haven’t watched a Chuck Norris movie, but this compilation might be the cheapest way to get into the action, while the Wii collection should provide a few hours of co-op on-rails blasting action as well.

Headup Games is an indie publisher that is known for their nice retail packaging. The games are also known for price dropping. 1 Euro for Eric Chahi’s seminal Another World? Really? I already owned one version, but this wasn’t without the poster, so this was obviously a no-brainer, although I’d have liked a physical soundtrack CD as well.

Browsing through the Gamestop Nintendo DS pre-owned games, one can sometimes find good bargains, and Honeycomb Beat is one of those clever puzzle games that are easy to learn, but hard to master. For just under a fiver, this was money well spent again.

All the streaming services are well and good if it comes to watching movies in their original versions, testing the waters if they’re worth buying in their retail form, but they often don’t offer alternative cuts. While I’d already owned all the Resident Evil movies, I was still curious about the extended version of Resident Evil: Apocalypse. It might not be the best entry of the series, but as more humor was added here, it might be a bit better, or worse? Still haven’t come around watching it, so the jury is still out…

Another technology streaming services don’t support is 3D, and while 4K is already here, it might not happen with this format, so grabbing movies for a tenner each is always nice.

The marketing philosophy of Warner is especially atrocious in Germany, as only the very expensive steelbook editions include both 3D and 2D versions, unlike in the UK or other countries. Some movies one actually has to dip in twice, for a 2D and a 3D disk. But those are the times we live in… Best way is to wait until a sale, save those Amazon points and use them.

I also managed to get my hands on a tablet. To be honest, I only got it, because my new smartphone contract didn’t offer anything better than my 2 year-old smartphone. So this ended up to be well-protected in an additional case and protective film… but also unused. I’m still a PC and console gamer, but who knows? Maybe there will be some games I can play with that unwieldy piece of new technology in the near or far future. If you have any recommendations, please let me know ;).

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