New additions to the media collection in February 2018

February 2018 might not have won in numbers when it came to additions to the media collection, but it was certainly a varied and fun month to collect in.

As always, the LEGO mag didn’t disappoint, and it’s nice to have something classic to build. If you’re missing the regular Games TM and Retrogamer magazines, that’s because the shipping troubles I already had in January when it took almost one month for the issues to arrive simply didn’t make it. Still trying to get someone at My Favourite Magazines who’s responsible for this mess.

Speaking of missing, I forgot to include these two big soft drink cups when I took photos of all the Europa Park memorabilia last month, probably because these were in my kitchen. As they were actually for free because of the hotel we were at, it was an even better bargain and a great reminder of how fun the 4D movie they were based on was.

Having experienced VR in a rollercoaster ride first-hand at the Europa Park was pretty cool, so I was really happy when my girlfriend bought this headset. It was cheap and it might not be able to compete with the more expensive Sony equipment or others, but just using a smartphone and trying out some free apps was an interesting experience, even if it meant some nausea after a while. Still, it again made me excited about the whole VR trip gaming is taking now and that I hopefully see more of this in the near future.

Another present was the mediabook of UHF. Even if the whole idea of well-known movie spoofs with anarchic humor didn’t always work and Weird Al Yankovic was quite terrible as an actor in this, there were some funny scenes and the whole artwork of this collector’s edition was worth it.

Buying movies in physical form in this digital age has become difficult, but some are still easier to get if they’re cheap or not available online on a certain platform. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Undisputed movies and especially Scott Adkins’ fighting skills, and the fourth installment certainly didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately the Ong-Bak trilogy turned out to be an over-hyped borefest at times. Sure, the action was nice, but too much talk, high-pitched screaming, and pretty bad acting. Not too bad, but not too good, either.

The Protector might not be much better in terms of storytelling, but it sure delivered on some amazing and very bloody fight scenes. Unfortunately the US import suffered from speed problems when using subtitles on the original Thai version. I still have to watch the heavily cut US version, but maybe it’s more enjoyable with a shorter run-time, as the story didn’t make much sense, anyway, and the pacing/editing was terrible as well. However, the movie comes highly recommended if you want to see some memorable action sequences.

Importing can be cheap, but also annoying. If you’re wondering why there are two disc sets of the same movie, then it’s because the first time I ordered Gnomeo & Juliet, it only had the 2D BD and the back cover was ripped open. Thankfully, the replacement order was the right one.

Buying inexpensive Xbox One games in Germany has never been this easy, so Quantum Break for a tenner was a no-brainer. Still haven’t come around playing the PC version I bought in June 2017 and also previewed, but as this was an Xbox One exclusive and came without DRM, it’s a good alternative.

It’s been some time since I played a Bomberman title, but this one should be a lot of fun with many multiplayer modes and even a campaign, including the original game as well.

Last but not least, one fun board game was added to the collection, thanks to my girlfriend. The digital and analogue games would only be the beginning of what March 2018 had in store, but that’s another story for another time.

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Being an avid gamer, cinemaniac, and bookworm in addition to other things the internet and new media present, I'm also very much into DIY music, rock and pop in particular. Writing short or longer pieces about anything that interests me has always made me happy. As both an editor for German website "Adventure-Treff" and UK website "Future Sack", I like to write reviews and news about recent developments in the movies, games and book industry.
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