Amazon Prime Video watchlist: March 2018

It was only a matter of time before the Amazon Prime Video streaming service subscription would be renewed after one year since the watchlist: March to April 2017.

The reason for this change of mind was that my internet was finally able to present everything in HD without many loading times. However, there were still some unexplained bugs and, compared to Netflix, longer waiting times to browse through the catalogue. But with some exclusive shows and more recent movies, this wasn’t an opportunity to miss again.

TV shows:
Preacher (Season 1) [9/10]
Preacher (Season 2) [7/10]
Supernatural (Season 11) [7/10]

The finale of the tenth season of Supernatural seen on Netflix last month was such a cliffhanger that I had to watch the new one as well, a clear indication that something interesting was happening with the show. Having a great start with fighting infected people for a change, and episodes building on each other, there are also other monsters-of-the-week that are worth watching, like imaginary friends being killed one by one or people dying after being kissed on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately the overall story that focuses on God making an appearance is such a disappointment, as it throws every logic over board. It’s really too bad that the show can’t seem to find a balance between ridiculous and serious subject matters when it comes to the overall story arc, as the whole king of hell/mother relationship becomes annoying and boring, making this a season that is both a success and failure. Of course one still wants to watch the next season, but this one is only available on Sky, together with the 13th one…

Preacher was an unexpectedly great series to get into. Possession of people might not be the most original idea, and again having demons and angels in business suits might be very similar to what Supernatural has offered for so many years, but these 10 episodes were surprisingly fun, combining some decent amount of gore (especially for a 16+ age rating) with a bonkers storyline about a female killer, an Irish vampire and the titular priest who has the special ability to use his voice to make people do things. The way the audience is kept guessing what is going on is reminiscent of the first season of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency I wrote about in the April to May 2017 Netflix watchlist, only this is much darker stuff, taking religious themes and playing with them in unexpected ways. Taking into account that Seth Rogen was involved whose output of comedy has ranged from the truly funny to the truly mediocre thanks to toilet humor, it’s quite an achievement and makes one want to read the apparently very difficult to adapt graphic novel series. At least this is true for the first season.

The next season, just like Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency‘s second season featured in the January 2018 Netflix watchlist, tries to be too different and struggles with too much character talk and a reliance on jazz that makes this rather tedious to watch. It often seems that the series wants to be taken too seriously and goes into an almost David Lynch direction. It still has its moments, e.g. showing Adolf Hitler in hell as a controversially nice guy (at least compared to who else is in there), and some especially bloody scenes, plus great ideas, but hopefully the third season will be more fast-paced.

Bullyparade: Der Film [8/10]
Power Rangers (2017) [7/10]

Thinking back to one’s childhood, there were always guilty pleasure TV shows or movies one still watched because they were fun. When one grows older, one might shake one’s head how stupid some of these actually were or one might embrace the silliness and still watch them with the same kind of fun. So giving the Power Rangers movie a chance was a no-brainer, and it turned out to be quite an interesting reboot. Unfortunately, despite staying mostly true to the highschool kids who start to fight against evil in their colored costumes and ultimately controlling mechanic beasts, the movie suffers from what most modern reboots try to achieve: being more socially aware, taking time to introduce characters with all their modern problems. Only this is not why one wants to watch such a movie. When the action finally kicks in, it’s pretty cool (minus the terrible hip hop/pop soundtrack), especially with an awesome female villain, but 2 hours is simply a very long time in which not a lot is happening and it also leans a bit too much on exaggerated pathos. Maybe a sequel will rectify this, maybe even Michael Bay jumps in and takes the reigns to make it the blockbuster the series deserves.

It was a long time ago since I gave German comedy a chance, especially on TV, but the Bullyparade was always special, maybe especially silly nonsense, but all the same. Very Bavarian in its accent, making fun of all sorts of movies, like Winnetou or Star Trek. I only watched Traumschiff Surprise (translated: Starship Surprise) which unfortunately had Till Schweiger in the lead role, but it was still a surprisingly fun and well-made (in terms of special effects) gay parody version of the old sci-fi crew. Now Bullyparade: Der Film (because of Bully Hermig, the lead comedian) wasn’t well received in German cinemas, but I was very surprised that it was actually pretty good. Even without telling a coherent story, but just playing with all sorts of timelines and different characters, also including a parody on The Wolf of Wall Street, I still can’t remember having laughed so hard in a long time, especially considering that it’s from Germany. Difficult to recommend if you don’t know German, but if you do (or there’s even a translation?), give it a go.

So all in all, Amazon Prime remains a bonus streaming program that has more recent movies and some wonderfully original TV shows. Paying around 5 Euros per month is definitely worth it if you’ll get the 1-year-subscription. So expect more watchlists in the coming months…

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