New additions to the media collection in April 2018

April 2018 was quite an exciting month, as two new consoles arrived at my home, with even more games and other media added to the collection.

But first things first, as Star Wars goodies showed up in various forms: the monthly LEGO mag, a TIE-Fighter building set that also promoted the new Han Solo movie, and finally the super-cute oversized Star Wars character heads in their vehicles, perfect for Christmas tree decorations.

Speaking of cute, this Toad plush toy was given to me by my girlfriend, which is an awesome present, especially since it’s one of my favorite Mario sidekick characters (besides Yoshi).

With Games TM and Retrogamer, it seems to have become the same procedure as every month: playing the waiting game before the mags finally arrive… a month later. At least this time they weren’t in such a bad condition.

This was a good thing, because the Retrogamer issue was a particularly cool one, as it didn’t only have a double-sided poster with amazing artwork, but also a physical CD featuring C64 music.

After so much retro love, it was about time to finally own two of the most current consoles: the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. The latter might not be the newest one, but after waiting for such a long time with prices dropping, I actually bought both in two weeks’ time! Despite not being a big fan of racing simulations and having found Forza more tedious than fun, this was still a good deal for Microsoft’s console. NBA 2k18 was quite nice to play, and with two controllers and already a big catalogue of download games in addition to recent Xbox One purchases, the console already got a fair bit of play. Sony’s console bundle wasn’t my preferred choice, as Call of Duty: WW II is the cut German version, but it was still the best price I could get it for, even if we had to buy the controller separately. Still so far, both consoles offered enough fun, especially in multiplayer. If only time allows more playing…

Owning each platform is great, because there are quite a few exclusive titles. While I haven’t tried all of them, I can say that Screamride is a pretty awesome rollercoaster arcade/building mix. I think the next logical step will be to invest in a VR setup…

Being a collector, one is always grateful for companies like THQ Nordic to release games in beautiful big boxes with all kinds of goodies. Unfortunately, the way how CDs/DVDs are handled is disappointingly bad. This is why I decided to only take photos of the back of the box that show all the extras. It’s not perfect, but considering that some of the CD fastening devices broke the first time, I won’t go through the trouble again. I hope THQ Nordic will address this problem in future releases, as the amount of content one gets for money is impressive. I actually only bought most of these games because of the physical stuff…

Of course it doesn’t always have to be big boxes and big games, as a party game like Mario Party: Star Rush can be quite enjoyable, too.

Old-school boardgaming is obviously another viable option.

Last month also included many BDs I actually had to time to watch. ‘Burbs is an all-time classic and just as much fun as when I watched it all these years ago. Both Stephen King movies are entertaining as well, even if the werewolf flick isn’t the most accomplished production. Tales from the Crypt remains a great series, and while Demon Knight isn’t perfect, it’s still a lot of gory fun. The same also holds true for the Waxwork movies, despite the second one offering a bit too much comedy for my taste. Still some of those classic movies that are so bad that they’re good.

Fortress is a pretty violent, but also very fun sci-fi movie that is now finally available in HD in its unrated version, and despite having a 16+ rating, it has more than enough gory scenes. Headshot is an awesome movie I already reviewed in the Netflix watchlist: January 2018, and getting this special steelbook edition for 6 Euros was a no-brainer. Double Team is a no-brainer in a not-so-good way. Being a fan of Tsui Hark’s action flicks, it’s okay, but not really worth watching multiple times. Nomads is a very weird movie about people seeing through other people’s memories, but considering that it was John McTiernan’s first movie, the director of Die Hard, it’s a memorable, even if not perfect mystery thriller. Even weirder is Perdita Durango which might not hit all the right notes of a Natural Born Killers story, but which is sickeningly fun to watch at times. Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland might be out of place in all that action/horror compilation, but it’s a surprisingly strange animation flick by people involved in the Studio Ghibli movies later on. Having both the theatrical and Japanese cut is also a nice touch.

I’ve always had my problems with classic, old movies, simply because they’re called classics (or ‘masterpieces’) and they’re outdated. Yes, Harryhausen did some great work back in the days, and his stop-motion technique was influential, but… these movies are often too ridiculous, not only because of the special effects, but also because of the acting. Give me a Hollywood remake any other day!

Of course going to Hollywood doesn’t always do a movie or actor all the good in the world, with Return of the Warrior (or The Protector 2) having received quite some bad reputation. However, despite relying a bit too much on admittedly bad CGI, I found this sequel almost as good as the original I reviewed in the new additions to the media collection in February 2018 article. At least it didn’t take too long before the action kicked in. I’ll definitely give this one a try in 3D when I’ll have the equipment.

Sometimes you’ll get what you want when it comes to certain movie franchise. That’s why the Fast and Furious movies are so cool. They might have started as racing drama and then turned into James Bond over-the-top action, but that’s no bad thing. The latest installment is actually quite dark and brutal in tone, but it retains that neverending sense of entertaining for all its 2 hours runtime, although the way how Sony handled the Director’s Cut version with the digital download copy only format is more than just a bit questionable. Even more surprising was the Baywatch reboot which was simply a perfect movie with enough action and humor to surpass the original (which wasn’t really that hard, okay).

Finally after all the digital media additions, I managed to buy the last hardcover books of the Fables graphic novel series, which were in my wishlist for a very long time. Now it’s time to do some reading…

… and collecting for the next May 2018 photo session/blog article!

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