Netflix watchlist: May 2018

May 2018 was a movie-free month for watching Netflix, but there were quite a few interesting TV shows.

TV shows:
Grimm (Season 1) [7/10]
Grimm (Season 2) [7/10]
Happy! (Season 1, Episodes 1+2) [9/10]
Trailer Park Boys (Season 12, Episodes 3-10) [9/10]

I’ve always wanted to get into the Grimm series, and maybe it was because I was starting to read the Fables comic books or that I was in the mood for some fairy tale fantasy horror. Either way, I gave the first season a chance and was both satisfied and disappointed at the same time. Unlike the Supernatural series which started to have more people without any monster make-up, Grimm goes all out on sometimes convincing and sometimes ridiculous masks with not so good CGI. Being a creature feature series is one thing, but telling a coherent story another. Unfortunately, the overall story arc isn’t particularly interesting, and what is even worse: the main character isn’t much better. Except for his buddy, a wolf who tries to cope with everyday life and his dark past, there isn’t a lot going for it.

The second season tries to be more immersive with interconnected plot lines, but it’s still not much. Maybe the only redeeming feature, besides some good and bloody action and some humorous parts, is the usage of the German language in many strange ways that simply don’t make any sense for a native speaker like me. The idea to have monsters and evil creatures from the Grimm books in each episode is nice, and including quotes from the books is also pretty cool. But these text passages simply end up as just an excuse for some monster-of-the-week idea without any originality. At least the cliffhanger ending of the second season makes the audience continue watching the show.

After being rather disappointed with Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (Season 2) after the amazing first season, I finally found a TV show that re-created enough wtf moments. Happy! is anything but ordinary, having a unicorn that is only visible to an egoistic ex-cop. What happens in the first two episodes is as crazy and as violent as one should expect from the Crank! movie people, but fortunately it isn’t anything like the Jason Statham one-man show in terms of story. Surprisingly funny with great one-liners, memorable characters, it’s one of the more creative shows, even if it has some pacing issues.

Trailer Park Boys did something unexpected with its newest and probably last season due to the unfortunate death of John Dunsworth as Jim Lahey. It didn’t become boring, but kept the high or low quality of humor and nonsense through its episodes until the weirdest ending yet. Suddenly there wasn’t any filler episode or unnecessary character development. With so much silly and outrageous stuff going on, there was even time for some touching moments, something that can’t be said about most comedy shows.

So all in all, it was a great month for trying out new TV shows, although due to the long running time of 20+ episodes with each Grimm season, I didn’t have time to watch any movies. I did that in the world of BDs and also on Amazon Prime Video. Coming up next…

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