Indiana Jones movies: “The Temple of Doom”

The second Indiana Jones movie doesn’t come with Nazis or a lot of globe trotting, so is Indiana Jones and the Tempel of Doom still a true adventure sequel?

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
(USA 1984, director: Steven Spielberg)

Indy, together with nightclub singer Willie and helping hand/boy Short Round, try to discover the secret behind the disappearance of children and the sacred Sankara stones in India where the brutal Thuggee cult with their sacrifices rises again.

Many people would have expected another adventure with Indiana Jones fighting Nazis and traveling around the world on the hunt for a valuable artifact, and many people might have been disappointed with this entry. However, it would have been too easy to use the same formula again. After all, the first movie wasn’t all about going against German baddies and going from one exotic place to another. It was also about the main character, the people he meets, and the ordeals he has to go through. All this and more is present and correct in the sequel that is more like a prequel, as it takes places some years before.

There is much more action here, and the violence, including ripping out hearts, is bloodier than ever. Still, there is also a lot of humor, mostly because of the trio’s arguments. One could be under the impression that the comedy elements are more prominent, but this isn’t true. Of course there are memorable scenes like the exotic/disgusting dinner food scenes, but there are just as many action sequences that make the predecessor look almost pedestrian, e.g. a mine cart chase or a fall out of a crashing plane. It might all be over-the-top, but there isn’t a dull moment. Despite not having the most intricate plot, focusing on just one setting doesn’t take away any enjoyment of the overall adventuring package.

Score: 9/10

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