Netflix watchlist: July 2018

Neflix in July brought back the familiar and also the very peculiar in TV shows.

TV shows:
Grimm (Season 5) [6/10]
Pompidou (Season 1) [9/10]

It’s really about time to lay the Grimm series to rest, as the fifth season mixes the average monster-of-the-week episodes with an overall storyline that becomes as predictable as it’s ridiculous. While the lower score might already have been applied to the previous seasons in hindsight, it’s clear that the writing is on the wall. What the series was lacking in the first place, hasn’t been addressed yet: interesting characters and good ideas. Even if the mystery of the keys the Grimm group has been collecting is finally revealed and there is a bit of suspense in finding out what the new discovery could do, there is just too much soap opera drama going on, mostly about people that are as forgettable as they were before. Compared to a series like Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, the wit isn’t quite there yet, and the less said about some of the acting and special effects the better, even if there’s always some action.

Humor is very subjective and difficult to define, and even if Matt Lucas who plays the main protagonist of Pompidou is best-known for his roles in Little Britain, this series might not be for everyone. The reason is that the aristocrat who lives in a trailer (that is more roomy than it appears) with his dog (who behaves like his wife and is a puppet) is an egoist one either finds horrible or easy to laugh about. The comedy can also seem either too stupid, weird or simply genius, bordering on the absurd. Using incomprehensible fantasy language (although one can get some English words from it) and having slapstick scenes shows that this is a very different series, but one that, if one accepts all this, is unlike anything else and a braver attempt at making people laugh than all the modern shows that try too hard to be funny with too many words (except for the amazing Happy! obviously).

No movies last month, but sometimes the time investment in shows is already enough, and there’s always the watchlist for DVDs and BDs that has to be worked on. Still, being able to watch some TV shows one might not want to own in physical form or try out before is always a bonus.

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