Netflix watchlist: October 2018

It wasn’t only zombie, but also slasher TV show time on Netflix in October 2018.

TV shows:
Slasher (Season 2) [7/10]
Z Nation (Season 3) [7/10]

Over a year ago I reviewed the first season of the TV show Slasher in July 2017 which wasn’t a particularly good one, but at least it tried to deliver what the title hinted at: enough gruesome kills and making the audience guess who the killer was. In the end it was too much talking between uninteresting characters that let it down. The second season almost suffers the same fate, but its more confined space of a house in the middle of nowhere and snow all around make it more atmospheric than the small town setting. The way how one learns more about the characters and their dirty secrets with flashbacks is also quite nice, as one can’t trust first impressions. It also becomes much more violent than the first season was, including a very uncomfortable rape scene, an intense torture sequence, and a surprising amount of gore thrown in with the inventive kills. However, the pacing itself is rather slow and it takes way too long to find out what really happened at the camp the story takes place. The references to the Friday the 13th series are obvious, but the series still remains rather forgettable, including a disappointing ending. Still, it’s an improvement over the first season, so hopefully the next one will be even better.

Despite being quite different in tone, comparisons to The Walking Dead can’t be unmade when talking about Season 3 of Z Nation. Just as with the fourth season of the more serious show I reviewed here, there’s a certain lack of direction, with the characters going their separate ways. Fortunately, some are quite memorable and even if they don’t always hit the right mark, they’re pretty weird, funny, and downright sick, especially the episode in which three women try to keep the Doc at their place, with a revelation that is as disturbing as it’s hilarious. However, there are way too many episodes that built a storyline that’s only mildly interesting, with less gore and zombies, but more talking. It’s as if the best and funniest ideas were already used in the preceding seasons, and it would be a shame if the series continues to spiral down. But considering how bonkers the cliffhanger ending is, it seems that this might not, hopefully, be the case for the next season.

Even if I wanted to watch another zombie TV show, I couldn’t quite bring myself to do it. Being a big slasher fan, what I watched might not have been the best, but in a way I’d much prefer 8 episodes than 16 or more, and at least one got what one expected, including the inevitable uninteresting talking. So let’s see what next month has in store, as the fourth season of Z Nation isn’t available yet.

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