“Planet Coaster” celebrates its 2 year anniversary

Frontier Developments‘ theme park building simulation Planet Coaster has been going strong for 2 years and commemorates this time with a special trailer and a deluxe pack edition.

Theme parks are a wonderful way to escape everyday’s daily grind and offer worlds of fun and excitement with the latest technological advancements if they’re done right. So what is even more satisfying than exploring these various examples of outdoors (or in the case of dark rides indoors) entertainment? Bringing them all together and alive on the computer screen. What Peter Molineux did with Theme Park and Chris Sawyer with Rollercoaster Tycoon in the late 90ies and early Noughties has been carried over into Planet Coaster, a building simulation that incorporates so many rollercoaster and other theme park ideas that it’s impossible not to think of Disneyland or Universal Studios, especially if one sees what the community has come up with (just check out the amazing Aliens dark ride).

Being a big fan of theme parks myself, I have to say that the anniversary trailer perfectly captures that wonderfully fuzzy feeling of being transported into another world, complete with cartoon characters walking the streets and spectacular fireworks bringing a great day to a close. Unfortunately I still haven’t come around playing this game (hopefully it will run on my current system), but the unique arcade rollercoaster simulation Screamride and theme park experience Disneyland Adventures from the same developer were already a lot of fun. Maybe we’ll have a round-up of theme park simulation games in the near future, including all the classics and this one as well, who knows?

There’s not only the very cool trailer below, but also a Deluxe Pack that is now discounted for a limited amount of time (until today, so be quick!) which includes the five expansions Spooky, Adventure, Studios, Vintage, and World´s Fair. So in order to build the ultimate theme park, one will have over 110 attractions and more than 2000 backgrounds to choose from. Of course this comes with a price and while some people might not be enthusiastic about the business model of paying more than the base game, it has to be said that it’s still cheaper than a single admission ticket to one of the bigger theme parks. It might not be the same, but considering how one can finally make one’s dreams of the perfect theme park come true, especially with such lovely graphics, it’s the next best thing.

Buy the standard edition for PC on

Buy the deluxe edition for PC on

Official website

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