New additions to the media collection in April 2019

April 2019 was probably the most expensive, but also the most comprehensive month of the year for collecting various media.

It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes (twice or so in two years) my Retrogamer subscriber-exclusive cover magazine finds its way to my home, even though I have to say that the standard edition looks much cooler this time. Thanks to replacement orders… But I wouldn’t have missed this issue for the world because of the Rob Hubbard C64 music CD.

Why I got the exclusive cover replacement of the other Retrogamer magazine is beyond me, but considering what a fuss it is to receive any magazine I pay for, this is the least Future Publishing/My Favourite Magazines can do… especially since the newest EDGE issue is now missing…

More LEGO Star Wars goodness, this time with a robot to build. If I only knew where all the other LEGO magazines are that I’ve been collecting for years. It seems that a whole box is missing! But where did it go? A mystery that has to be solved…

EDGE has become one of my favorite game magazines, and these special editions are well-worth the few quids/Euros I paid. Even if I already owned the German version of the making of… (which shows how unoriginal the German magazine market has become), it’s a great accompaniment with lovely artwork of some very important games. Never mind if they’re AAA or indies. The same can be said about The Art of the Pixel which features pages full of wonderful art. Browsing through this magazine too fast doesn’t do the artists’ works justice.

Two more special bookazines, with the first one presenting alternative artwork of all sorts of fantasy but also sci-fi movies, and the second one being a nostalgic trip back to the good old 80ies. Remembering all the stuff one has either watched or played with was worth the price of it alone.

I can’t believe I got this for under 10 EUROs from Zavvi, as it’s a pretty heavy hardcover tome with lots of cool Atari images and stories to go through.

Despite not having played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, its expansions, and the card game, I still had to get these art books, as they have so many great pictures with interesting background info.

Of course there aren’t always good games, but also some terrible ones. These two books cover the worse ones in a humorous way.

Speaking of bad entertainment, these two books should offer even more insight and recommendations for a trash movie fan like me.

I really liked LEGO Batman: The Movie, mainly because of the caped crusader’s one-liners, so I had to get his Guide to Being Cool. Of course I also had to buy the rest of the guides. Clearly aimed at children, these still had some fun pages and a bit of how-to-be-a-better-person vibe to it all.

Still have to watch this superhero movie, but at least I got the comic for free at a cinema during my stay in Hamburg.

Big collector’s boxes aren’t usually my thing, because they take up too much space and are usually way too expensive. But I had to get this one, even if it meant spending all my Amazon points. Considering that the Season Pass alone goes for 25 EUR, paying only 17 for the whole thing was a bargain if ever there was one.

First thing when opening the box was this nice cover of the vinyl soundtrack that also served as a popup book.

Again taking into account how much the hardcover artbook costs, having it included was another reason to buy this edition.

Yes, this is really a musical toybox clock that even plays a tune.

Finally, the game itself, and what a surprise: the steelbook includes a making-of blu-ray, too. Despite having bought the edition on Amazon as a “As New” Warehouse product, the digital code for the season pass fortunately worked.

The postcards are the icing on this lovely edition cake that now takes up as much space as one whole shelf of BDs or games. But it was definitely worth it, even if I don’t know when I’ll have the time to actually play the game.

Having bought this VR Aim Controller bundle spontaneously in Hamburg for just 50 EUR, it’s high time to get into the VR seat again.

These are only two VR games that arrived from Amazon France. Unfortunately 7 more were damaged on the way and sent back without consulting me. Due to a strange policy, Amazon wouldn’t send them again and only provided a refund. After many emails and phone calls, the original price of just 10 EUR per game still hasn’t been reduced, so I just have to wait until the offer comes up again later.

Sometimes I simply love mindless FPS action, and these two should do the trick.

Thanks to a 5 for 3 offer, I finally got hold of some must-have titles for the PS4 and XBox One.

Again another 5 for 3 offer, this time for the Nintendo Switch.

A pretty fun puzzle game with Pokémon, this is a clear winner as a handheld title.

There aren’t only digital games that can be entertaining, as these boardgames show. Paku Paku is extremely hectic fun, while Fungi has a very interesting and addictive concept of collecting and cooking mushrooms.

The Hamburg vacation included a visit to the Miniatur Wunderland, and this calendar of 2020 with day/night cycle is a pretty cool memorabilia.

The same holds true for these 3D postcards…

… and the BD plus DVD which offer hours of content, also in English.

The Panoptikum was a great place to visit, too, so this brochure and the book provide even more interesting background info and photos to browse through.

The Hamburg Dungeon was another unforgettable experience, and this fun booklet perfectly captures the sense of adventure, horror, and comedy one was presented with during the show.

Of course I had to get ready for taking lots of pictures, so what better way than to finally get all sorts of lenses and, most importantly, rechargeable batteries?

A cheaper version of the Canon flashlight equipment should have resulted in better photos in darker places, but I simply couldn’t be bothered to carry this around during the Hamburg trip.

Otto Waalkes is one of the very few German comedians I like, and these movies are just the silliest one can come across.

After having watched the original anime series I bought in October 2018, this live-action version was an interesting, if somehow flawed interpretation. It had its moments, but it also felt a bit disconnected, while the lead wasn’t the best, either. Still, there are much worse live-action anime adaptations out there. Aladin is a completely different story. I don’t know how many times I watched this on VHS, but I do know that this newest, longer cut definitely doesn’t justify a 6+ age certificate. Of course it’s all very silly (that’s why it’s still a lot of fun), but featuring a child prostitution ring in one scene? The German FSK always amazes me with their incompetence…

Starting from A, like action movies, these are a nice mix of modern and classic cinema. I’ve only watched Mr. Right, though, and it’s a very entertainingly crazy and violent flick.

Next up: adventure movies, including Raw Force, which is more like a martial-arts film with horror and (sex) comedy elements thrown in. However, none of it works, and it’s a trash fan’s dream come true.

A limited edition mediabook that treats the movie as what it is: an unforgettable experience of 80ies bad acting, bad special effects, terrible dialogue, and horrible fight sequences, which is obviously very fun stuff!

Animation movies, which also means real actors with animated creatures, that are well worth watching. Despite not being on par with the original Studio Ghibli production, Kiki’s Delivery Service is actually quite good. The same can be said about Monster Trucks which only has one problem: marketing it as the movie made by the Ice Age director which it doesn’t have anything to do with, either in humor or mood. Having the lead actor of the Supernatural TV show as a less serious character is also great. I’ll see about the quality of the Fist of the North Star anime movies, but at least I only paid around 5 Euros instead of 50 or so for it, which was a bargain if ever there was one.

Comedy movies are always welcome, especially if they’re as silly as Starsky & Hutch. Germans can also do some pretty cool movies, even if they are very similar to US directors like Quentin Tarantino. Still, Bang Boom Bang is one of the better examples of German cinema to be more entertaining than dramatic. I already watched Nice Guys as a video stream (see Amazon Prime watchlist: March to April 2017), but it was so good that I had to have it in physical form.

Neues vom Wixxer (translated: News from the Wanker) is the epiphany of bad jokes, but as the Edgar Wallace movies it’s based on aren’t to be taken seriously, either, today, that’s okay. Oliver Kalkofe might be better in his TV show in which he makes fun of German TV, but there are still enough laughs here to watch the whole thing. Throw Momma from the Train remains a very funny movie even after all these years.

Drama movies I haven’t come around watching, some with quite a bit of action and violence thrown in.

I’m usually not much interested in documentaries, but as I did a lot of skiing in the past, the Streif movie sounded great, and as this special edition even included a booklet and soundtrack, while costing only around 5 EURs, I couldn’t pass this offer.

Only one fantasy movie, and despite probably not being the greatest, I have a knack for the Higlander movies.

Not much horror this month, but these are of a high quality. Ouija: Origin of Evil might start out very slow, but the last 30 minutes or so are pretty intense. While I’d prefer the predecessor with teenagers, it’s still a good movie. The Sect is one of those European horror “classics” that provide atmospheric scenes, but turn out to be a bit silly at times. Not too bad, though. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched the Wishmaster series, but all four movies are fun, even if the sequels are full of flaws.

I don’t like musicals, but there’s something about The Phantom of the Opera that appeals to me, probably the horror atmosphere. Still haven’t watched this version, but it already looked much more entertaining and atmospheric than the original black and white Universal borefest.

Modern and old-school sci-fi movies I still have to watch. Not sure about the “classic”, but hopefully the third Divergent installment is as entertaining as the previous ones.

More thriller material: A surprisingly good sequel to one of the most overrated and boring invasion thrillers and one of the few German genre examples that work; as far as I remember it from TV.

Last but not least some 3D movies, the only one I’ve watched being LEGO Batman, a very cool flick indeed.

Quite some strange design philosophy of this peripheral: recharging the PS4 controllers and holding the PS VR headset, but only recharging the PS3 Move controllers.

I bought these postcards during my trip to the Heide Park, a very cool theme park I enjoyed even more than the Europa Park, probably because people were less rude. The 5D Ghostbusters ride was especially great, while the Krake rollercoaster had a particularly nice design.

How much can you put into this Ghostbuster 5D bag?

Slimer, one of the biggest plush toys I’ve ever bought, of couse! Had to carry it back on the various trains, but it was definitely worth it.

And so it ends, one of the longest photo stories I’ve posted for a while about one of the most expensive months I can remember. But it was also one of the coolest months. So let’s see what May will bring (I can tell you right now: it’s going to be even crazier!).

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