New additions to the media collection in May 2019

If April 2019 was already full of media surprises, then May proved to be even more comprehensive (and expensive).

The first surprise was that I finally received my Retrogamer magazines on time (well, at least only about 10 days after publication), including the lovely subscriber-only covers.

Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said about Edge, as these were both replacements…

LEGO magazines or specials were the only constants in magazine life, and finally having an AT-M6 in LEGO form was awesome. BTW, I recently found my other LEGO magazines in a box I’ve been missing for months…

Speaking of movie franchises and magazines, these special bookazines were part of a big Your Favourite Magazines sale, and despite not having had the time to read them, browsing through revealed some great insight information and lots of nice photos. As a side note: I already owned the German version of Art of Star Wars, but I usually prefer the original language it was written in, and for about 6 or 7 EUR (compared to around 15-20) I couldn’t refuse the offer.

After my trip to the Europa Park and the Otto Waalkes art exhibition, this nice collection for just 15 EUR was a bargain, including some lovely calendar post cards and other artwork, not to mention a bag and a live-show DVD.

The Werner comics as well as the movies (although I’ve only watched the first one so far) are an acquired taste, or the lack of it. Anarchic humor and lots of bad jokes with toilets overflowing and people vomiting might not be for everyone, but it’s still great to see something like this being made in often-conservative Germany. As part of my childhood watching the first movie with my grandfather, this box set was also something of a trip down memory lane.

I have to confess that I haven’t watched a single The Twilight Zone episode, so owning the complete original black-and-white seasons should be perfect.

Again starting alphabetically with the genres, this is the only adventure movie I bought, although I’m not quite sure if the description fits, as it looks rather trash-y with other genre influences, too.

Originally bought in the US, I had to get this German version, as it’s a lovely mediabook, including a whole comic.

I really enjoyed the third Hotel Transylvania, probably because of the Cthulhu references.

Many DreamWorks releases, some of which I still have to watch. I remember Antz and The Road to El Dorado to be particularly great fun, especially the latter because of the entertaining adventure game.

A great trash horror comedy that might be a bit sexist, but it’s also a great satirical take on suburban lifestyle and prejudices. This steelbook edition is quite nice, especially with the posters.

More comedy movies, some of which I’ve already watched, like both Fletch flicks, Amazon Women on the Moon, and Men at Work still being a lot of fun after all these years.

Germans don’t always know how to do comedy, but when it comes to silly humor, then the Otto movies are prime examples of how to deliver bad jokes in an entertaining way. I actually prefer Otto Waalkes’ parody of Ocean’s Eleven to the original I’ve never been particularly impressed with. After already having endured the “Christmas with Willy Woof” trilogy, I still had to buy the rest of these bad flicks that take place during summer. It’s probably a good idea to consume alcohol while watching them… The same could be said about Xaver, an alien landing in Bavaria and drinking lots of beer. Looking forward to that one, although I’m not sure it’s going to be as good as Beerfest.

Two comic adaptations: the over-the-top violent and awesome Deadpool 2 that is so much better than the first one, and Crying Freeman I still have to watch in its uncut version, but I remember it being pretty cool from back in the days.

One of my favorite Takashi Kitano dramas because of the amazingly soothing soundtrack that is also included on CD in this mediabook edition.

More drama movies I don’t know much about, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about these.

It might already be the third installment, but for me it’s the most entertaining one of the Re-Animator series.

Not a really good movie or a particularly exciting slasher, but it has that 80ies atmosphere and the mediabook looks cool. Might be good to sell for more money years later, though, as an investment.

Another no-so-great, actually quite terrible movie, Troll 2 is the best bad movie one can imagine, especially since it hasn’t anything to do with Trolls. I already owned the US version of it, but this one has some lovely artwork and it also includes the first movie that was magical (and bad). Plus, there’s a 90-minutes long documentary about what went wrong with the production of the second movie.

NSM Records is known for bringing many cult classics to Germany, with masters used from the much more expensive Scream Shout Factory releases. As there was a big 5 for 3 offer on Amazon, paying around 10 or less for each was a bargain.

More NSM releases, plus the UK version of the Swamp Thing sequel. Haven’t seen both of these, but the Warlock movies are pretty entertaining and gory stuff.

Not really the best translation with “horror” instead of “humanoids”, Humanoids from the Deep looks like a great trash classic, especially with that alternative cover.

More horror movies, the only one watched so far being the latest Halloween which was surprisingly good, even if not great.

Speaking of iconic horror movie characters, the story of the Friday the 13th movies should be quite interesting with over 8 hours or so. Usually I’m not much for documentaries, but this and the creature design feature piqued my interest.

Now for something completely different, musical: a great release that doesn’t only include the movie, but also the soundtrack and a poster with notes.

Even more music classics I still have to watch.

Sci-fi flicks I barely remember, which is probably a good thing, as I watched them as cut versions, so these should be well worth revisiting.

Bumblebee was a surprisingly different Transformers experience, as it focused more on 80ies atmosphere and a touching storyline, but with some cool action and very funny sequences. Even if a lot of people seem to hate the newest Predator, I simply loved this one, not only because it was so violent, but also full of humor and crazy characters, making this a great alternative to the more serious and (let’s be honest) sometimes unintentionally funny first three movies. Somehow, it sits comfortably between the atmospheric and ridiculous trash of Alien vs. Predator movies, so it’s definitely one I’ll watch again.

David Cronenberg movies are weird, because I’m not always sure if I like them or not, as I don’t remember much of them. So I might go into eXistenZ open-minded, although I’m sure I watched it in the 90ies.

More 90ies thriller memories with The Fan and the F/X titles, but again my memories are hazy. They were great movies, as far as I know. The First Purge was maybe more action than thriller, but the best one so far. Ultra-violent and full of action, its subject matter might be offensive to many people, especially with that racism aspect, but as sick entertainment, it couldn’t get any better than this, except the The Purge TV show.

Being up to date with Marvel movies is difficult, but at least the latest 3D BDs have found their way into my collection.

More 3D sequels, the only one watched so far being Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald which is even more unspectacular than the first one. If only the annoying main character played by Eddie Redmayne would finally make a disappearance, then it wouldn’t be a pain to watch the next installments.

Even more 3D action, with only Skyscraper having been watched, which was cool as expected, because Dwayne Johnson always delivers in the action department.

Animated 3D movies that aren’t the most memorable, but still entertaining enough, at least Cars 3 and The Grinch which I watched. If it weren’t for that terrible hip hop attitude music, then the animated movie would have been even better. Looking forward to that chick(en) flick.

The first Creature from the Black Lagoon was scary when I was a child, but many years later it’s not that effective anymore. Still, now being able to have this and the sequel in 3D should be more entertaining, in addition to the third part.

Arrow Video releases that were all part of a 2 for 17 EUR sale (and it wouldn’t stop with that one) and again feature some great art designs. I’m really looking forward to watch one of my favorite movies, Donnie Darko, in its 4K master release. Burbs should also be great, being another one of my all-time greats.

A Fish Called Wanda is another awesome Arrow Video release with lots of bonus material and better picture quality, plus many other movies I have to watch. Eaten Alive was only one I’ve managed so far, and even if it’s not as memorable as Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it’s still watchable and enjoyable in a sick sort of way.

The House quadrilogy comes highly recommended, especially the second and third one, even if The Horror Show doesn’t have anything to do with the original.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space is another weird release I owned as a US BD, but the bonus features and artwork, plus better picture quality (probably) warrants another purchase.

The same holds true for Phenomena which proves that one never stops buying movies if there are better quality releases later on. Let’s not think about 4K BDs just yet… The Mutilator has a promising and eye-catching title, but it’s as forgettable as many run-of-the-mill 80ies slasher movies. It’s still guilty pleasure, though. It’d be interesting to revisit The Pulse and also to get into Edgar Allen Poe adaptations with these new additions.

The original The Thing might not be a movie I would watch multiple times (or review again), as I liked the remake much better, but the 4K master should at least make it look nicer.

Here’s another round of 88 Films purchases I’m looking forward to watch for the first time.

I already own the German DVD of Super Infra-Man, but the English dubbing should make this even more entertaining.

After all the cinematic experiences, it’s time for some gaming, and what better way than with State of Mind which seems to be highly reminiscent of Blade Runner and which I already wrote about in a preview. It’s still nice to have some physical goodies, even if there’s only a Steam code for the actual game.

The same is true for Life is Strange: Before the Storm, but at least the disc includes most of the game. Still, paying less than 10 EUR and having an art book plus soundtrack on CD is worth the price alone.

I’ve been playing the Kingdom Hearts games for a while, so I obviously had to buy the third installment (the real one, not the x-teenth spin-off). Being not only the best version, this Xbox One title is the collector’s edition with a small artbook as well as some badges, in addition to the steelbook. Around 30 EUR might be pricey, compared to what I usually pay for games, but as it’s still a new title and this edition is quite lovely, there was no other way to grab this bargain.

It might not be the complete Sherlock Holmes edition that includes the older pixel art adventure games, but having many on actual discs and the soundtrack is more than just a bonus.

Unfortunately this collector’s edition was damaged during delivery. But as sending it back would have cost me 10 GBP minimum (!), I decided to keep it. What’s wrong with ridiculously expensive international shipping method FROM Germany?. Thankfully only the box and some of the disc holders were damaged, so the discs as well as the soundtrack and big artbook were left intact.

If you want to see an extremely cool special edition, then you don’t have to look much further than the Switch version of Toki that doesn’t only feature a comic and stickers, but also a cardboard arcade box plus characters to build for yourself.

The Nintendo Switch collection just got a little bigger with more AAA titles thanks to the 5 for 3 offer.

Various genres and platforms, preferably the ones the games run best on (PC excluded). Rise of the Tomb Raider is an exception, though, as I only bought the performance-dropping PS4 version because of the VR bonus.

Speaking of VR, there should be an exclusive shelf space for those titles. Funny note: I ordered the German Zen Collection version from Amazon Italy for just 10 EUR (plus shipping), and shortly after the price increased to astronomical heights. Crazy import world we live in.

This Spider-Man cardgame was the only non-digital form of entertainment I bought.

Finally, thanks to multiple trips to Burger King and buying the Kid’s Menus, the Pokémon figure collection is now complete…

… and so is this photo story that has taken quite a while to write. But rest assured, this is not the end of it, as the following month will get even crazier!

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