Amazon Prime Video watchlist: June 2019

The Amazon Prime watchlist in June 2019 included two known fantasy/horror TV shows and a surprisingly new Terry Pratchett mini-series.

TV shows:
Good Omens (Season 1) [8/10]
Preacher (Season 3) [7/10]
Supernatural (Season 12) [5/10]

Good Omens remains one of my favorite Terry Pratchett books and it’s also one of the few ones in which I like Neil Gaiman’s writing. Unfortunately due to Pratchett’s death, the humorous fantasy author wasn’t able to experience this mini-series, but I’m sure he’d quite like it. Unlike the artsy borefest of American Gods (see Amazon Prime Video watchlist: April 2018), this one is much more entertaining. Despite changing the ending quite a bit (which is rather unnecessary, maybe a second season was planned?), the TV show remains faithful to the original, which means that the witty descriptions of Pratchett and his memorable characters are as present as Gaiman’s darker touch. While the special effects aren’t very impressive and some of the acting can feel a bit off (especially of the child actors), it’s probably one of the best adaptations of Terry Pratchett’s work, as it doesn’t feel too long and offers enough funny scenes plus lots of twists to offer something for everyone, including those who have read the book and those who haven’t (but hopefully will).

After having been very enthusiastic about the first season of Preacher and a bit disappointed with the second one (see Amazon Prime Video watchlist: March 2018), Season 3 left me with the same sense of uneasiness of what to think about it. On the one hand, there are some pretty funny, violent, and gory scenes, interspersed with dark humor and some neat ideas. On the other hand, none of the characters become interesting or easy to sympathize with, while the plot itself takes ages to develop. Except for the final episodes, there isn’t a lot happening, although having Hitler (disguised as a sandwich store employee called Hilter) and Satan in the same season is memorable, which also holds true for some very fat clergyman and very stupid versions of the Messiah. But the different narrative strands only come together at the end, with too much downtime in between. It’s certainly a series I’ll keep watching, but hopefully the fourth season delivers on what the ending promises.

Supernatural has been such a long-running series that it’s not surprising if there isn’t much more to tell. Season 11 wasn’t particularly exciting (see Amazon Prime Video watchlist: March 2018), and Season 12 is even less interesting. Introducing a new (British) organization that tries to systematically exterminate all kinds of creatures is the last narrative straw if ideas are running out. Everything is so predictable, and what is even worse: there isn’t any monster-of-the-week episode that is memorable enough to re-watch it, except maybe the one about Dean suddenly suffering from memory loss, which becomes a surprisingly tragic and emotional episode about Alzheimer. If only the rest of the season would keep up the originality and quality of writing older episodes provided, then it wouldn’t be too hard to endure the story arc. Fingers crossed that the next one will be better or maybe it’s just time to lay the show to rest…

Watching Amazon Prime in June was rather time-consuming, especially with the Supernatural series. However, it was worth it for the Terry Pratchett/Neil Gaiman collaboration as a TV show and even a bit of Preacher. Maybe I’ll give American Gods another try… or maybe I’ll ignore it as much as the hyped Stranger Things on Netflix.

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