New additions to the media collection in June 2019

June 2019 was again another month full of movies and games that filled the media collection shelves in unexpected ways.

It came as a surprise that there seemed to have been delivery problems with the newest LEGO magazine at German news agent stores and that the exclusive cover version of Edge was more or less on time. Whatever happened to Retrogamer only those people at My Favourite Magazines would know.

Thankfully, there haven’t been any problems when ordering bookazines, as these were cheap and full of great photos/storylines about the 500 best movies, 100 TV shows and horror cinema in general.

Action movies can’t get any cheesier than these guilty-pleasure material flicks with lots of bad acting and even more gratuitous nudity.

Even more action movies that include the awesome John Wick: Chapter 2 I watched in April 2018 on Amazon Prime Video and the fun Bird on a Wire from the 90ies. No Retreat, No Surrender (or the German title Karate Tiger) I barely remember, so it will be interesting to see how it holds up today.

Two classic adventure flicks that will probably be good for some unintentional special effects laughs.

You have to love Paddington 2 despite it being clearly aimed at children, just for watching Hugh Grant make a fool out of himself.

The two Problem Child movies remain unadulterated 90ies fun, while Weekend at Bernie’s should be just as enjoyable as the countless times I’ve watched it on TV.

Family Man should make for some good Christmas spirit time.

Both Deathstalkers aren’t Oscar material, but good enough for some unclean trash fun, especially as mediabooks.

Sherlock Holmes is always great, but does the detective material also work as a comedy? We’ll see…

Horror trash can be so boring, as can be seen with Alien Prey and Spawn of the Slithis, which is too bad, as the latter offers a great creature costume and an unexpectedly violent ending. Still, not recommended… although Alien Prey is so much worse…

More horror and I don’t even know what to expect from these, although seeing Nicolas Cage battle his way through hell and having another Austrian slasher flick is unique enough for me.

Some thriller material, even though I’m not sure if Rollercoaster is as exciting as when I watched it as a child. The same goes for The Good Son. In whatever way Let the Corpses Tan (Laissez bronzer les cadavres) turns out to be, it should be as visually stunning as Amer.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was surprisingly more entertaining than its predecessor.

The first batch of 88 Films additions, with The Coach Trip and Once Upon A Crime being particularly funny.

More classic trash, especially the 80ies Scream Queens triple feature with more nudity and nonsense that could have used more originality and maybe a bit of suspense. I’ll probably give Night of the Demons 2 the Halloween treatment, as it fits perfectly for that time.

Can’t wait to watch even more trash, although despite its cool title, Surf Nazis Must Die wasn’t as great even back in the days.

Full Moon productions are always remarkable, as despite their low budget, bad special effects, not so great actors or actressess, plus dull storylines, they’re still kind of entertaining, as it’s the case with these three movies.

More slasher flicks, including The House on Sorority High that was already featured in the Amazon Prime Video watchlist: March to April 2017.

88 Films Italian collection additions I have again no clue of what to expect, although action and horror should do the trick.

Even if I’m not a big fan of Western movies, there’s something about the ruthlessness and violence in Italian flicks that appeal to me, especially after having watched Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

88 Films Asian collection additions that could be a nice mix of serious sword and kung fu fighting plus trash like The Mighty Peking Man I already own on DVD. Whatever to expect from a Chinese musical with a goddess I don’t know, but it should be a memorable experience.

Next up: lots of Arrow Video movies of classics I haven’t watched yet…

… although Heathers is a great one I’ve revisited multiple times.

More and more Arrow Video flicks thanks to a 2 for 1 sale celebrating 10 years of the company…

It was also the first time that I ordered via the Arrow Video shop, as some titles weren’t available on my favorite Zavvi store… although it might also be the last time, as the discounts weren’t right, the shipping too expensive… and there was even one movie missing! At least it was fast shipping (one day!) from the UK and the customer support was good. Still, I’d rather go to Zavvi or Amazon again next time.

The Howling is one of the few classic horror movies I haven’t watched (or I don’t remember), which is surprising since it’s from Joe Dante. This DVD collection is almost complete, and despite probably being not the greatest ones, these films should make for some entertaining Halloween special (maybe).

Time to move on to games, and this exclusive US collection was what I’ve been waiting for, because Beyond: Two Souls is only available uncut in the US. That’s why I’ve never bought it in Germany or the UK. Now it’s even remastered and the collection was cheaper than Detroid: Become Human on its own.

Finally my PS4 VR Amazon France order that went missing in April 2019 is complete, even if it meant waiting for months and using coupons.

More games imports from various sources, with The Council being a particular adventure game highlight.

More VR in a racing game that will hopefully be playable without a bucket.

Now the four-player multiplayer fun can begin with the additional 2 PS4 controllers which came in an unbeatable double pack price with God of War (even the Day One edition) and Spider-Man.

This was all part of Sony’s Days of Play, but it wasn’t only discount shop Real, but also Amazon that had some very nice bargains… and if I’d known that Hidden Agenda would be available for around 10 EUR with all 3 more PlayLink titles back when I bought it as a single version with the PS4 Pro… but that’s bargain hunting life for you.

Taking into account that it’s only been a year since I saw 428: Shibuya Scramble during Gamescom 2018, paying only 10 EUR was a joke.

Another joke is that Sushi Striker doesn’t seem to find a gaming audience in Germany, with the 3DS version going for 10 EUR (and a few days later at Gamestop for 5), and in the UK it’s out of print.

I haven’t even played the PS3 version yet, but having The Sly Trilogy on PS Vita is kinda nice. I only have to remember to redeem the code for the third game, as it’s unfortunately not on the disc, but only available via PSN.

Finally there are some card and other travel games for the summer that don’t require a console or PC.

Last but not least, these were the remaining Burger King Pokémon toys that would complete the collection…

… and finish this long photo story that will hopefully become a bit smaller (and less expensive for time and money) next month.

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